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And in other PC gaming news...

I like to imagine this Deus Ex video from the perspective of the victims. Imagine you're relaxing in your apartment when suddenly your door opens and a fridge is there. The fridge just waits and looks at you. You check it out carefully, you point your gun at it but oh no! The fridge is coming right for you! It's hit your buddy, he's down, you're down, and now it wants blood!

Check inside for a selection of cool and refreshing news.

  • Battleblog talks about the vehicles of Battlefield 3.
  • Bethesda's Todd Howard tells Joystiq that he isn't interested in MMOs.
  • VG247 report that Batman: Arkham City's Robin will be exclusive to Game and Gamestation in the UK.
  • Battlefield 3 Executive Producer Patrick Bach talks to RockPaperShotgun about persistent unlocks.
  • Driver: San Francisco developer Martin Edmonson tells Eurogamer that Ubisoft has "Every right" to use DRM because of "Utterly unbelievable" levels of piracy on the PC.
  • Mojang have posted some more details about MineCon .
  • The developers of Hard Reset talk to Gamefront about how what they think of modern shooters and why they're different.

So what's the most ridiculous thing you've killed someone with in a game PC gamers?