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And in other PC gaming news...


Man, we love PCs. We sit in front of them all day to look up PC gaming news. At lunchtime we play games to gain more insight, then at the end of the day we go home and get online as soon as possible without starving/getting into trouble. We're a bit obsessed.

But you already know all this right? That's why you visit. Click more for today's potpourri of PC gaming linkage.

  • Minecraft + Predator = Win
  • Red Faction developers underestimate the power of a PC's higher resolution. End up looking a bit silly .
  • Batman gets funky .
  • Remember when Buzz went all L4D Hunter in the first Toy Story?
  • Will we ever see Timesplitters 4 on PC?
  • Warhammer Online updates detailed
  • This Two Worlds 2 dev diary is worth a watch.
  • How death is going to work in The Old Republic.
  • Ringo Starr: The Game ? Warning: this may not be a joke.
  • Look what you get if you finish Dead Space 2 in hardcore mode (spoilers within).
  • Are you dying to ask the WoW devs something? Solved .

As for office happenings, Tim played some TF2 at lunchtime. He's currently obsessed with pinning heads with his Huntsman, though most of his kills have appear to have been assisted by a mysterious medic and his deadly Blutsauger. Odd that. Tom and Graham have almost completed Rainbow 6: Vegas 2's campaign in co-op. They're an incredibly coordinated pair. Oh, and Craig wants me to mention that he spent a lot of the weekend dancing to chip music in Stockholm.

PS. Don't forget to enter our Eve competition . It's free and easy.