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And in other PC gaming news

Well there's clearly only one news story we're all talking about today. No, not the Diablo 3 auction house , I speak of course of The Silly Adventures of Mr Mochi!

This natural comedian decided to share his adventures with Reddit earlier today in order to whet our appetites for Skyrim, something it certainly accomplishes. For those of you who've never played an Elder Scrolls game before, watch the video; this is exactly what they're like.

Check within for a round up of today's PC gaming news.

  • CVG tells us that the Golden Joystick awards have begun, why not cast your vote?
  • VG247 reports that Co-op Norway have removed several games and toy guns from their shelves following the recent events in Oslo and on Utøya.
  • Reddit links us to finally explaining why Steam always installs DirectX with a new game.
  • VG247 point us to an Ausgamers article about how Metro: Last Light runs on 'modest' PCs (spoiler: very well)
  • John Carmack tells IndustryGamers that video games reduce aggression and violence.
  • It isn't just Steam that has big summer sales; GamersGate have started theirs today.

Tell us readers, what's the craziest thing you've ever done in an RPG?