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And in other PC gaming news...


Remember the Arkham City trailer from earlier? The Arkham City Twitter claims there is a riddle hidden inside it, and Rocksteady are challenging fans to figure it out. You have till Friday, and you can post your answer in the Arkham City forums .

In Batman: The Animated series (which was brilliant by the way) The Riddler was actually a disgruntled game developer. Now Rocksteady are setting us riddles in his name. That's pretty meta folks. I'm a little worried they might start on the kidnapping and elaborate death traps next.

What can the solution be? Can we crack this one PC gamer brain trust? Check within for less puzzling news.

  • Ever wondered how many of your Steam games you've actually played? This redditor wrote a nifty script to work it out. Just follow this link and replace the '****' with your Steam account name. How many have you played?
  • Blizzard have done some more hotfixes to the 4.2 World of Warcraft patch.
  • RockPaperShotgun think Project Zomboid might see a Steam release.
  • BluesNews reports that Tribes: Ascend will not have 'pay to win' items.
  • Eurogamer report that Biosock: Rapture, a prequel novelisation, comes out tomorrow.
  • Gamasutra interview Todd Howard. He says the Elder Scrolls games have been streamlined to 'remove confusion'.
  • VG247 say Limbo will get a worldwide Steam release on August 2nd.
  • Rockstarwatch notice that Manhunt 2 has been removed from Direct2Drive. It seems no download service now offers games rated 'adults only' in the US.
  • Craig recognised a hotel he stayed in in Take on Helicopters , he got this back in response.

Any guesses as to Mr Nigma's riddle readers? No? How much of your Steam list you played?