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And in other PC gaming news...

BF3 T-Rex pack

While we applaud DICE designer Christina Coffin's DLC suggestion , we do have some important questions: Will T-Rexes be available in all regions? Are they included on the disc? Will non pre-orderers get to unlock T-Rexes?

Check inside for real PC gaming news.

There's a new TF2 update ! It has film noir leanings! Given the amount of hats already in the time it was only a matter of time. In other dressing up news City of Heroes is going f ree to play and bringing it's famous character creator with it. Screens here.

Less hats below:

  • Someone made a Minecraft mod themed after some obscure console series called 'Zelda' and they made a video of it.
  • Mount and Blade: Fire and Sword: Fish and Chips: Salt and Pepper just got a substantial patch.
  • Gaikai have brokered a deal to steam demos through WalMart's website.
  • King Arthur: Fallen Champions looks to bridge the gap between the first and second games.
  • RPS have an article on a suspiciously familiar Chinese FPS that TF2 fans might find suspiciously familiar.
  • Cliff Bleszinkski says it's "pretty scary to be a game developer" with all this hacking going on.
  • Activision boss Eric Hirshberg claims his company "Doesn't get enough credit" for innovation.
  • Obsidian are p lanning an update to improve the PC controls to Dungeon Siege 3, following a negative reaction from gamers.
  • And finally, games are being connected to crime again... but this time they're being touted as the reason for a crime drop.

So PC Gamers, which games would most benefit from dinosaur based DLC?