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Deus Ex Human Revolution - Jensen throws a turret

Are you wearing an eye patch? If yes, you'd better have a quick look over your shoulder. Deus Ex: Human Revolution's Adam Jensen might well be standing there, ready to throw a turret at you . When Eidos talked about turning turrets against their owners, we didn't think they meant it quite so literally, but that Adam Jensen's a lone shark, he's an independent thinker. He thinks outside the box, then picks up the box and throws it at you.

Jensen's not the only rogue agent. We'll be spending some quality alone time with Commander Shepard in the new chunk of Mass Effect DLC. We'll have to wait and see if going solo will take some of the magic out of the Mass Effect 2's winning formula when The Arrival comes out next week. At least Shepard wants to go it alone. Many Crysis 2 players today have been frozen out of the multiplayer side of the game. Hopefully Crytek can come up with a fix soon.

But what else has been going on in PC gaming? Find out in the list below, in which Randy Pitchford explains why Duke got delayed again, a fan makes a live action Splinter Cell film, and Ubisoft try to hire you to write an Assassin's Creed encyclopaedia.

  • How about this for a mod. Someone has ported the whole of Morrowind into Oblivion's superior engine. Every. Single. Quest. It's called Morroblivion .

  • Irritated by Crysis 2's lack of graphics options? Here's a handy tool that will create a custom config file to let you tweak what you want.

  • Lead and Gold is having a free weekend on Steam.

  • Reckon you could write the Assassin's Creed encyclopaedia? Ubisoft might have a job for you .

  • Randy Pitchford explains the Duke delay .

  • Here's a live-action, fan-made Splinter Cell film.

  • Another Dungeon Siege 3 trailer has landed.

  • Gamestation defends against accusations that their Call of Duty: Black Ops ads are sexist.

  • Hunted is out on May 31, here's a trailer .

Today in the PC Gamer office, we've been playing Crysis 2. Or at least, we've been trying to play it. Owen spent most of lunch stuck in a multiplayer lobby for ages. When it eventually loaded, the game crashed, and Owen just sat there, looking like the saddest panda you ever did see. Tom and I skipped past all that and got stuck into the singleplayer, only to be lectured a lot on how to crouch and look at things by the nanosuit. It made us wonder, are there any good gaming tutorials out there?

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