An excess of sex stuff sidelines a League of Legends celeb

Doing sex things is hard work. Apparently, it's stressful enough to send a League of Legends pro player to the bench for an entire week. Team Newbee's Li "Vasilii" Wei Jun would know, because it's the reason he gave for missing out on taking part in week six of the LPL season.

Instead of saving the fancy fingerwork for a keyboard and mouse and cash prize, Li blew it on something with smaller stakes, posting to Chinese social media site Weibo that the reason he went missing was due to having too much damn sex. The nature of anyone's personal sex life is far, far beyond anyone's business, but the bizarre excuse certainly lights up the imagination. How does someone get so tired they can't adequately play a computer game? 

Here's the full post, as presented by Slingshot

“Because I caught a cold before, I asked to be subbed out for the sake of the Club’s results,” he wrote. “The Club maintained its winning streak, so it wasn’t necessary for me to play, and I let myself indulge in sensual pleasures for a while. This led to me playing poorly in solo queue, but last week we lost, so I started to adjust myself to a more abstinent lifestyle. After about two days, I had already adjusted myself (to abstinence). Those of you only watching the news shouldn’t be so quick to pass judgment on me. It’s incorrect. You can check on my results in Korean solo queue rather than take my word for it. I will continue to play and try to correct this matter.” 

Lucky for his fans, a few days of abstinence seems to be helping Li get back into fighting shape. 

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James Davenport

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