An esports bootcamp that’s worth sweating over

With its own industry awards recently taking place in London, and online tournaments happening regularly around the world, it’s clear to see that esports has come a long way and is now a global franchise to be taken seriously. Even universities are sponsoring courses, with scholarships, facilities and coaches directly supporting esports. 

As gamers, we’re aware you know how this trend has developed from its lead from Asia, being largely pioneered in South Korea, with China now providing the largest bloc of viewers.  But its early days have been beset by organisational mayhem, and grown into a gaming phenomenon.  And we’re getting in the act, too.  

You can join in the action when Omen by HP hosts a special esports bootcamp at the PC Gamer Weekender next year at the London Olympia on February 17th and 18th.

This esports academy is brand new for 2018 and will allow attendees to learn directly from the experts first-hand. You’ll have a chance to learn from top gamers and streamers, and even play against a pro. 

The idea of the bootcamp is to help players to understand the games they love in a whole new way and gain the skills and confidence to delve deeper into the world of esports.

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Why give the esports bootcamp a go? 

Whether you’re new to esports or not, this will be a perfect time to sharpen your knowledge and skills. 

For a long time, esports was a somewhat underground activity with the best gamers taking part in grassroots tournaments, although reasonably well-known within their respective game communities, but there wasn't an industry or ecosystem like there is today. 

Over the years, competitive gaming has moved from small studios and halls to selling out some of the biggest arenas around the world, drawing millions of viewers. If they're good enough, more pro gamers and esports talent can now make a living out of doing what they love.

This is where the esports bootcamp from Omen by HP and ESL comes in. Hearing from pro gamers, practicing on the very best Omen by HP gear and learning about other important aspects of gaming such as eye training, brain coaching and exercise, can help you find out more about esports as well bettering your gaming skills. 

The bootcamp will also feature demos, community activities and some of the hottest products on show for gamers to try out, including the latest Omen by HP PCs.

If you’re looking for hardware specifically designed for gaming, then the OMEN X by HP Desktop should be your first stop. This revolutionary desktop, with no equal, has huge amounts of power and an innovative cooling system utilising (in some builds) liquid cooling and an innovative tri-chamber design that keeps everything ticking along nicely. 

The Omen X by HP Desktop makes a statement in your gaming room. Under its hood it sports Intel’s incredible i7-6700K CPU, with phenomenal Nvidia-made GPUs running things, with up to and including dual 1080s in SLI, as well as featuring up to 32GB DDR4 RAM. So you’re clearly not going to get left behind any time soon, and you can trial this machine at the bootcamp. 

It’s understandable why esports has become a competitive industry. The hardware, the competition, the gaming, the money, the thrill – it all plays a part in its success. The National University Esports League even allows students to take part in cross-university tournaments, join teams and get experience, and at the top UK level companies like ESL host national tournaments like the ESL Premiership in games like League of Legends, CSGO, Hearthstone and Rainbow Six Siege.

Newzoo, the video game and esports market intelligence trackers, stated in its Global esports Market Report that digital sports will rake in $696 million in revenue this year, which is an annual increase of 41.3 percent. Although esports began as a way for publishers to build awareness of their games, it’s become a serious business worth the average gamer’s attention. 

So what are you waiting for? Get an insight into what it takes to be a pro, find out more about the Omen by HP esports bootcamp or simply fine-tune your online gaming skills at the PC Gamer Weekender from February 17th to 18th 2018.

More concrete details around specific guests, games and other information will be revealed at a later date.

Sign up here and get your ticket at a discounted rate (limited offer)