AMD unveils A10-7890K and a cheaper version of the Wraith cooler

AMD thermal solution

AMD has unveiled their A10-7890K, their fastest APU to date, with 1.02TFLOPS of compute performance. The quad-core A10-7890K is the same design as previous Godavari/Kaveri APUs, with a 4MB L2 cache, max / base CPU frequencies of 4.3 / 4.1GHz, and eight GPU Compute Cores (512 Streaming Processor cores) running at 866MHz.

This powerful A10 will be available on March 1 for $165. The new processor will also come equipped with AMD's Wraith Cooler, which it unveiled recently.

The Wraith isn't AMD's only new cooling solution, however. The "125W AMD Thermal Solution" doesn't have a catchy name, but it does have all the performance of the Wraith, just without the illuminated shroud. This new cooler will be included on the 4.2GHz quad-core Athlon X4 880K, which will be available from March 1 for $95.

The 125W AMD Thermal Solution will also be replacing the existing thermal solution on the A10-7870K at no additional cost, meaning the price will stay at $140. This processor is just a small step down from the 7890K, with a max / base CPU frequency of 4.1 / 3.9GHz.

So, if you decide to hand over the $25 extra, you'll be getting the faster processor in the A10-7890K, and the fancier cooler that comes with it.