AMD Ryzen 5000 was the 'fastest-selling CPU launch' for one UK retailer

An AMD Ryzen CPU on a sparkly background
(Image credit: AMD)

For all the moaning about Zen 3 CPUs being sold out everywhere, it seems AMD really did ship the ‘tons’ of units claimed by its chief architect of gaming solutions and marketing, Frank Azor.

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Azor, who’s a bit fond of the old Twitter, will be delighted to see figures from UK retailer, which has put up a Ryzen 5000 status page to go with the Ampere GPU page that’s slowly counting down the trickle of RTX 3070s, 3080s, and 3090s going out to purchasers as (delayed) deliveries arrive. It serves as a kind of CPU popularity chart, with the 5900X well in the lead, as well as providing a bit of context to what’s been going on.

“Demand was extremely high and the launch stock we had sold through extremely quickly, making it the fastest-selling CPU launch we have ever seen,” wrote Scan’s anonymous copywriter. “This was echoed across all of the launch retailers.”

Given that Ryzen 5000 chips indeed seem to be sold out everywhere, and that multiple retailers have been celebrating the launch, such as German store Mindfactory, which dropped any pretence of Teutonic detachment to call it the best CPU launch “EVER, EVER, EVER” (at least there wasn’t an exclamation mark), we feel confident in declaring this a real, rather than paper, CPU launch.

“We are assured by AMD that stock coming through for the new CPUs will be significant, so the wait time for current pre-orders should not be long,” continued Scan, while Azor posted about the “strong effort” the company had made to avoid stock being bought up by bots.