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Aliens: Fireteam has a new shield-bearing class

Aliens: Fireteam is a decent time if you want to shoot hundreds of aliens that behave like enraged cats. Our review was approving, calling it a "fun and flexible swarm shooter that’s a little too reliant on being played alongside friends." The game's first season launched today, and it's named after the Phalanx, a brand new playable class which comes bearing a combat-shield.

That's the most notable feature of the Phalanx, and as you'd expect, arming a bigass shield means they're limited to single-hand weapons like the handgun or CQW. When the crap hits the fan and they're swarmed, the Phalanx can use their Shock Pulse to clean up a bit. It sounds like the Phalanx might be a class better suited for facing androids rather than xenos, but either way it should mix things up if you're keen for a replay.

In addition to the new class there are four new weapons: the L33 Pike and Type 88 Heavy Assault Rifle are both rifles, while there's also a N79 EVA Laser handgun and a L59 minigun. New cosmetics are there too, including two new gun "colorways" and decals, as well as a straw cowboy hat.

All that stuff is free by the way, but if you purchased the Deluxe Edition or want to pay $10, there's a bunch of new Wey-Yu themed cosmetics available which you can read about here. That will also get you three challenge card packs, three consumables packs, as well as 12,000 credits and 750 reputation.

The new season also ushers in a lengthy list of bug fixes, including one for a bug that blocked players from accessing Horde Mode on campaign completion. Check it all out on the Aliens: Fireteam site

Shaun Prescott
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