Al Capone plays the Chicago Piano in the first Empire of Sin gameplay trailer

Empire of Sin is a Prohibition-era strategy game from Romero Games that sets players up in the mythical Chicago of the 1920s with nothing but a Tommy gun, some booze, ambition, and an utterly non-functional moral compass. From there, it's a race to become Boss of Bosses, as you build your empire of brewers, brothels, and speakeasies, and drop the hammer on would-be rivals with old-fashioned (literally) XCOM-style combat.

The video doesn't say so explicitly but I'm guessing that Capone's wild ways with the Thompson is actually "the sweep attack," which Phil described in his July preview as one of the famed mobster's special moves. Characters can also pick up unique traits based on their in-game behaviors, which sounds very cool: Killing off too many NPCs with execution-style finishers will earn the "cruel" trait, for instance, and continuing to do it will eventually lead them to be labeled serial killers.

It's tough to get a proper feel for a strategy game based on a relatively brief trailer, especially when it's the first trailer, but so far I like what I see. Empire of Sin is set to come out in the spring of 2020, and until then there's a website with more info at

Andy Chalk

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