AI Wars developer bankrupt by November

It makes more sense than it looks.

There are a lot of indie gaming success stories, but for every World of Goo, Minecraft, or Garry's Mod, there are a lot of small companies that struggle to make a living from their games. Chris Park, developer of space strategy AI War, is one of them. He's just revealed that Arcen Games will be out of money by November unless things change. Maybe you can help? More info and a trailer about Arcen and their 86% rated (in PC Gamer Issue 205) game below.

In a statement at the Arcen Games website , he explains how an unexpected dip in sales this summer has hit them hard.

Part of the reason for making all this public is that Arcen are hoping its fans and communtiy can help spread the word about their games. Given that AI War is really good at release, that doesn't seem like too much to ask. Given that since then, Chris and his small team have patched the game endlessly, making it easier to learn and improving the AI, it seems rude not to tell people. The coming 4.0 patch should expand and improve the game even further.

While Arcen aren't asking for charity - though you can donate - they do give to charity. The earnings from their Children of Neinzul expansion goes straight to charity, and that policy hasn't changed depsite their struggles.

Trailer for AI War: