Agent 47 could be getting some luscious locks in the Hitman TV show

Hitman with hair
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Agent 47 is bald. It's just one of those facts that everybody knows and accepts. But what if everybody's favourite hairless assassin had beautiful tresses? Well, that could be a reality if the Hitman TV show ever sees the light of day, according to John Wick creator Derek Kolstad.

Kolstad has written the first two episodes for the Hitman television series, which was announced back in 2017 by Fox and Hulu. In an interview with Collider, Kolstad, who is also the executive producer, touched upon how to bring Hitman's relatively dry personality to a more digestible level for TV.

"I did it very much like The Third Man meets Three Days of the Condor. You're introduced to a guy who's very much the hitman we know from the games, but he's got a full head of hair, and he's independent. He has a handler, he's got a life, he's very much that early '80s, late '70s assassin we read about in the books, right?"

Presumably, Agent 47 won't spend too much of the series with a full head of hair, as Kolstad said the show ends "with him at a mirror, finding hidden under his skin, the barcode."

There's something that unnerves me about the thought of Agent 47 strolling around with hair on his head. It feels so inherently wrong because his baldness feels like such a large part of his iconic appearance. At the same time, I can't help but wonder what his 'do will be. A slicked-back ponytail? Ramen hair a lá '90s N-Sync? A mullet? The possibilities are endless. I just hope TV show Agent 47 still takes out his enemies with soda and bananas.

Note: The article originally had Kolstad referencing 'Three Days in the Condor' instead of 'Three Days of the Condor.' The correct film title has been updated.

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