Age of Empires Online throws Babylonians into the mix

To celebrate the free to play MMORTS's one year anniversary, Gas Powered Games has revealed the identity of its fifth playable civilization to Eurogamer . The economically-focused Babylonians will be joining the Celts, Greeks, Persians, and Egyptians. The devs told Eurogamer that the focus is "their ability to build a strong economy, and quickly."

Among the new units revealed are the Ox Cart, which can follow your villagers and acts as a mobile drop-point for resources, and the Siege Tower, which can hide a small army...or be sent out empty and used as a decoy.

Releasing at the same time is the new Fertile Crescent quest pack, which will include repeatable missions with rewards that scale to your level. The Pro Babylonian civilization will sell for 900 Empire Points, and the Fertile Crescent quest pack for 450.