After 4 years, Destiny 2's Cayde-6 finally gets the memorial he deserves

A Guardian stands at the memorial to Cayde-6.
(Image credit: Bungie)

It's Lightfall day, and players are already finding new details in Destiny 2's latest expansion. Those who visit the Tower before jetting off to Neomuna will notice some redecorating that has occurred in the time since the game went offline for maintenance. Near Zavala you'll find the new Monument to Fellowship, and with it a memorial to a long-departed NPC.

Cayde-6 was the Nathan Fillion-voiced joker of the Vanguard—the de facto leaders of the Guardians. His death was the inciting incident of Destiny 2's first expansion, Forsaken, and was teased heavily in the run-up to its release back in September 2018. It was a dramatic moment for fans: the first major on-screen character to die his final death in the fight against the Darkness.

The new memorial is a simple bust with a plaque showing his gun, the Ace of Spades. And when you approach, you can hear a selection of messages from characters in the game.

I'm particularly amused by Crow's message, which you can hear in the embed above. "Wish I could have met him… Some of the stories that I've heard." This is particularly ironic because, before he was resurrected as a Guardian, Crow was Uldren Sov, the man who murdered Cayde-6.

Previously players requested a memorial to Cayde-6's expired ramen coupon. What Bungie has done here may be a better way to commemorate the Hunter Vanguard—although, given he was most often the story's comic relief, maybe not.

The memorial isn't the only change in the Tower—although the other is decidedly more dramatic. After the cutscene at the end of last season, the Traveller left to meet The Witness head-on. Now the skies are filled with the ships of our allies—Awoken, Eliksni and Cabal, all together protecting humanity's last safe city.

Phil Savage

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