Adorable Starcrafts mod turns space war into cartoonish playground, out tomorrow

For all its wonder and spectacle, the interminable darkness of interstellar battle can be a wee bit uninspiring at times. Carbot Animations' Starcrafts Mod—a Starcraft 2 graphics overhaul—wants to change this by adding a splash of colour and a pinch of child-friendly animations to the military sci-fi RTS with the hope of livening the setting up a bit. 

After months of work, a successful crowdfunding campaign, and a free demo, Starcrafts Mod is due to launch tomorrow and looks something like this: 

As you can see, the original game's units, animations and spell effects are unrecognisable in this vivid and playful guise. According to Carbot, the mod will be a custom game within the arcade, where players can battle or join forces with mates across a series of different maps.  

The Starcrafts Mod is out tomorrow, however its free demo can be located this way. Details on how to grab it manually can be read on the mod's IndieGogo page. With such an undertaking, Carbot also says it expects there will be bugs—but asks that players join the subreddit to report any issues.