Activision hit by layoffs, including Infinity Ward and Beenox staff

Activision Publishing has laid off a reported five percent of its workforce, according to Kotaku, with cuts coming to its corporate office, as well as Call of Duty developer Infinity Ward, Spider-Man and Skylanders studio Beenox, and other internal studios. 

The layoffs came in the wake of yesterday's fourth-quarter financial report, which resulted in "better-than-expected and record" results—even though the latest Call of Duty release, Infinite Warfare, did not live up to expectations

The source indicated that roughly 20 employees of Infinity Ward were let go, while a follow-up comment says that the Beenox Q&A department was shut down entirely—a claim repeated separately by Gamasutra—although the studio itself was not affected. Blizzard and Major League Gaming were not impacted by the layoffs. 

Activision issued a statement effectively confirming the layoffs, although not the actual numbers. "Activision Publishing is realigning our resources to support our upcoming slate and adapt to the accelerating transition to digital, including opportunities for digital add-on content," it said.

Andy Chalk

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