Act of Aggression trailer is all about the super weapons

Act of

Super weapons were an iconic part of the old-school RTS. What would Command & Conquer be without the Ion Cannon? What would Red Alert be without the Chronosphere? They'd be games in which you just built 50 tanks to win, rather than games in which you mostly built 50 tanks to win.

Act of Aggression harks back to that old-school era, and that means it too has super weapons. The game's latest trailer offers an overview of these tools of destruction, as well as their countermeasures.

"Each of the three futuristic military factions not only holds an inventory of unique and specialized military equipment and units, but also access to a variety of end-game oriented super-weapons, featuring the latest in conventional and prototypical boom.

"Tactical super-weapons are a viable option for defensive players who wish to exhaust the enemy’s economy while they stockpile tactical weaponry rounds for a surprise strike, as well as players rich in the game’s primary resources to finish off their opponent with a bang."

Act of Aggression is due out September 2. More info will, of course, be released at Gamescom.

Phil Savage

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