XCOM: Enemy Unknown DLC hinted at in hidden achievements [possible spoilers]

The enemies in XCOM: Enemy Unknown may be very well known at this point, but until now, we've known considerably less about Firaxis' DLC plans. By taking a look at some Steam achievements, however, our research teams down in the labs have been able to extract some potential details.

While you can view the names of the achievements right on the game's achievements page in Steam, you won't be able to see the description text for how to unlock them. The image below, posted by user TheSpaceMushroom on the 2K forums , reveals the text to lend some additional guidance to our speculation:

"Confounding Light," "Deluge," "Friends in Low Places," "Gangplank," "Portent," and "Furies" all sound like DLCish names. The question is whether these will be separate campaigns, mini-challenges, or missions that integrate into the existing game. We can glean a bit of insight from their related achievements as well: Confounding Light will involve a turn timer, which we've seen before in the bomb squad missions.

Deluge seems to involve activating valves which, based on the name, probably involves lowering the water level. A mission that takes place in some sort of downed submarine where your whole squad dies if you take too long would certainly be a new and interesting challenge. Friends in Low Places hints at a new, unique squad member of some kind. We'll keep interrogating our extraterrestrial captives for more concrete info. What are your hopes for XCOM DLC? (You'll be hearing about ours later in the week.)