Acer's Predator Z35P monitor hits 3440x1440 at 100Hz and supports G-Sync

Acer is not making a big fuss about its newest monitor, though for gamers looking for large and curvy display, the Predator Z35 is an interesting (albeit expensive) addition.

The new monitor is based on a 35-inch VA panel with an 1800R curvature. It has a 3440x1440 resolution with a 100Hz refresh rate, though TFT Central claims there is an option in the OSD menu to overclock it to 120Hz. While that is not a feature listed on its product page, we wouldn't be surprised if that was the case.

Acer's Predator Z35 also serves up 300 nits of brightness and a 2,500:1 contrast ratio. On paper, this is a relatively fast monitor with a 4ms response time, and it supports G-Sync for good measure.

On the ergonomic side, the Predator Z35 is height adjustable up to 5.12 inches. It also can swivel 20 degrees and tilt from -4 to 35 degrees.

The Predator Z35 has a 3.5mm audio jack to tap into the monitor's pair of 9W stereo speakers. Users will also find a four-port USB  3.0 hub, along with DisplayPort 1.2 and HDMI 1.4 inputs.

Amazon is accepting preorders for the Predator Z35, which runs $1,100. The listing suggests it will ship in one to three weeks.

Paul Lilly

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