Ace Combat 7 Gamescom trailer cranks up the drama

A new trailer for Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown has just dropped from the heavens, and it’s every bit as silly and melodramatic as you’d hope, unless you’re new to the series—it’s one of the few times Ace Combat has been bound for PC—and then you might be a little surprised to find so much geopolitical tension and soapy drama in a game about flying rad jets. 

Amid all the royal speeches and news reports, the trailer reveals a bit more about the latest crisis facing Strangereal, which involves disputes over space elevators, cities under siege, and of course plenty of aerial battles and flying fortresses. 

Unfortunately, this flashy trailer isn’t enough to make the apparent lack of VR support on PC sting any less. Ace Combat 7 will feature a series of special VR missions, but they’ve been designed specifically for PlayStation VR, leaving PC and Xbox One owners stuck with regular reality. 

It’s due out next year. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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