How to complete The Raven and the Cuckoo and close the last chapter of Assassin's Creed Valhalla

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The Last Chapter free DLC for Assassin's Creed Valhalla is finally here and it's a short round of goodbyes before Eivor sets off for pastures new. Or rather, it will be if you've finished the main quest and managed to eliminate the Order of the Ancients—including all of the Zealots— and discovered who the Father is.  

 Valhalla's ending always felt a little unfinished despite several DLCs over the years but this update finally closes Eivor's chapter and begins to bridge the gap between Assassin's Creed Mirage and the rest of the series.

In this guide, I'll talk you through how to start The Last Chapter, who you'll be saying goodbye to, and how to get two new armour sets.

How to start The Last Chapter 

Before you get started, there are some prerequisites for starting The Last Chapter. The initial quest, The Raven and the Cuckoo, won't begin unless you have completed the following: 

  • Main quest 
  • Asgard and Jotunheim storylines 
  • Settlement level 5 
  • Built the Jomsviking barracks in Ravensthorpe 

How to begin The Raven and the Cuckoo 

When you load up Valhalla, you should get a prompt about a visitor in Ravensthorpe. If it doesn't appear, fast travel to your settlement and you'll be instructed to visit the dock. You'll find a Saxon dressed as a Raven Clan Viking, and you'll soon discover that the Earl of Westerna is behind it. 

You'll be directed to a meeting spot in Grantebridgescire where you'll find a longboat with corpses scattered around. There are various things to discover that you can highlight using Odin's Sight, so keep going until the cutscene begins.

Saxons will appear but before you can fight them, a toxic smokescreen disperses and an unknown figure deals with the mercenaries. This is where we meet Basim's mentor and one of Mirage's main characters, Roshan. Despite her age, she is an experienced and deadly assassin and she assigns you an Assassination Event where you've to kill the Earl publicly so to draw out her target, Al-Si-la.

The best bet is to wear the fake Raven Clan garb the mercs are wearing, but you can go in with your own outfit if you choose. You'll have to take a stealth approach regardless if you want the assassination event to go to plan by blending in and hiding out of enemy lines of sight where possible.

Eventually, you'll see the Earl waxing lyrical to his men and there will be an assassination icon to the right where he is standing at the base of the tree. Interact with it to perform the assassination and carry on with the cutscene until Roshan speedily takes out Al-Si-la. Upon completing the quest you'll receive the Mentor of Alamut armour set, which is a very classic Assassin's Creed-looking design and one we're likely to see more of in Mirage.

It provides increased assassination and stealth damage, naturally, upon a successful assassination, and a bonus to your armour rating when all five pieces are equipped.

How to complete Last Goodbyes 

After a brief but challenging encounter with Roshan, it's back to Ravensthorpe, specifically a log across the water that gives you a nice view of your homestead. Odin will sit beside you and Eivor will declare that she's ready to explore why it is she has Odin with her, this second hugr, which means sailing west solo for reasons. You'll get a bunch of memories in your inventory that will show you locations of people she wants to say bye to, and you can track them via the Quest menu.

Basically, you'll be saying goodbye to Harold Fine Hair, King Aelfred, Guthram aka Aethelstan and Hytham, with Basim peering into the future to discover why Eivor has decided all this. Eventually, you'll say goodbye to Ravensthorpe and wind up at the camp in North America where the Animus is, and it's heavily implied that King Aelfred is about to set up the Templars. William Miles also makes an appearance at the end, which is the final link between Mirage and Valhalla.

Run around the camp for a while and sit next to the fire, where Eivor and Basim will give each other a nod, then return to the Animus. As you spawn back in Ravensthorpe, you'll get the second set of armour: the Jarl of the Raven clan set which comes with big feathers and looks rad. 

When all five pieces are equipped, you'll get an increase in armour and attack ratings depending on your remaining health as well as increases to crit chance and damage.

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