AbleGamers charity launches site to get devs and players with disabilities talking

Accessibility charity, AbleGamers has launched a new website in the hope of bringing developers and gamers with disabilities together. The charity has dedicated itself to 'bring inclusion and improved quality of life for people with disabilities through the power of video games.'

The new site, Accessible.Games, aims to create 'panels' that will allow players with disabilities to get involved with testing accessibility features as well as providing feedback to developers to help improve the overall functionality of games.

AbleGamers spoke to PCGamesN about the move. "The panels give players with disabilities a way to have their voices heard within the industry by testing games and directly providing feedback, while developers are able to bring an idea or an in-progress project to players with disabilities to gain deep insight and valuable accessibility feedback."

The website also provides information for developers through Accessible Player Experiences, a design tool that holds a huge amount of information. This includes Design patterns that focus on some of the most common barriers that face gamers with disabilities. 'Players need to be able to sense (see/hear/feel) the output of the game and to provide input to the game.'

It's a commendable initiative and you can keep with its progress by signing up for email updates directly on the site or follow the official Twitter account here.

Image source: AbleGamers

Sarah James
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