Abduction combines first-person stealth with CryEngine 3, looks super slick


Dark Side of Gaming 's weekly roundup of works-in-progress by CryEngine 3 modders shone a harshly bright pool of light upon Abduction, an indie first-person stealther by Dark12345 which harnesses CryEngine 3 to show us what a renovated Thief or Splinter Cell might look like. Now that's a worthwhile justification to peek warily over that shadowy cardboard box you're hiding behind. Yes, we see you .

Dark's progress journal offers scant details so far—as if we needed actual reasons for ( willingly ) plugging bullets into the back of helmeted heads like some sort of angel of darkness—but the modder's future plans include more advanced AI, a distraction system, traps, and custom animations. For now, have a look at the video and bevy of screenshots showing off CryEngine's proficiency at rendering deep shadows, contrasting light sources, and the general ineptitude of guardsmen idling within an assassin's playground of a stone hallway.

Abduction dingy office

Abduction fire track

Abduction guard shadow

Abduction guarded hallway

Abduction hallway hiding

Abduction hallway light

Abduction helicopter crash

Abduction light shafts

Abduction starry sky

Adbuction dingy den

Omri Petitte

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