A year after release, Soma has sold nearly half a million copies

Psychological horror-adventure Soma was released around a year ago, and I think it's one of the standout games of a particularly impressive year (seriously, 2015 gave us Bloodborne, Axiom Verge, The Witcher 3 and more). Financially, it's done pretty well for developer Frictional Games too. In a new blog post, Frictional announces that it's sold nearly half a million copies, or "a bit over 450,000" to be precise. That's *whips out calculator and hits buttons frantically* a lot, and it means that the developer has "now broken even and then some".

Soma cost over ten times the cash required to make Amnesia: The Dark Descent (the company's previous game), so the team seem pretty happy at recouping that.

"Despite a bloated budget and tough sell, here we are a year later having earned back every single dime spent. And not only that; we earned well past the break-even point! The project was a big success and we are able to keep doing games with scope and quality comparable to SOMA. In fact, our goal is to aim higher still."

There are no hints as to what's next for Frictional Games in the article, but we know from the six-month report that it currently has two games in the works.

Have a read of the whole blog post while we wait for Amnesia 2: Forget Me Not to be announced, or whatever their next game ends up being.

Tom Sykes

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