A vampire army threatens The Elder Scrolls Online later this month

Bethesda kicked off QuakeCon today with—among other things—a new trailer for Stonehorn, the upcoming Elder Scrolls Online DLC. The expansion will continue the year-long adventures of the Dark Heart of Skyrim with the tale of a looming vampire invasion that threatens Skyrim—and possibly all of Tamriel.

The expansion will include a pair of new group dungeons—Stone Garden and Castle Thorn—along with new quests and storylines, set items and collectibles. Stonehorn focuses on "a depraved vampire conspiracy" that centers around Lady Thorn and the mad alchemist Arkasis, which sounds like a good time for everyone. 

The Stone Garden and Castle Thorn dungeons are part of a larger "grand narrative" that builds upon the previous Harrowstorm and Greymoor expansions, but they'll also work quite well as stand-alone adventures if you want to jump straight into Stonethorn without playing the other ones. The expansion will launch alongside update 27, a free patch for the base game, which will make a range of performance improvements and tighten up character pathing inside houses.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Stonethorn is set to go live on August 24, and as with all Elder Scrolls Online DLC, it will be free for ESO Plus subscribers and available for standalone purchase for non-subscribers. Speaking of free, The Elder Scrolls Online is also free to play from now until 10 am ET on August 19—just head around to Steam and click the appropriate button to see what it's all about.

Andy Chalk

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