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A streamer has beaten every single Dark Souls game without taking a single hit

The video above shows the very moment streamer The Happy Hob finished his mission to beat every single Dark Souls game back-to-back, without getting hit. Oh, and to make matters harder, Sony exclusives Demon's Souls and Bloodborne were included as well. And that's not the worst of it: if he happened to get hit during any of the games, it was right back to the beginning of the series

It's an admirable feat, to say the least. If I were to say the most, I would say embarking on this mission would be detrimental to one's health. The victory has won plaudits internet-wide of course, but someone's not happy:

The run occurred during the lead up to the release of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, which is the first brand new From Software series to hit PC since the first Dark Souls. It's hard. I'm playing it at the moment and frankly, it's killing me. I don't think I can take it. I don't envy Tom Senior having to review it.

Shaun is PC Gamer’s Australian Editor. He loves masochistic platformers but lacks the skill and grace to complete them. He has four broken keyboards hidden under his desk, filed between an emergency six-pack of Reschs and five years worth of XXL promotional t-shirts. He stares out the window a lot.