A new Warcraft movie prop auction is your chance to own a piece of Azeroth

Source: Prop Store

Prop Store is running another online auction featuring props from the Warcraft movie, giving you the opportunity to own as close to an 'official' piece of Warcraft lore as you can really get.

There's no horse armor in the preview, but the complete catalog hasn't been released yet, so there's still hope. What's on display for now (opens in new tab) includes a map of Azeroth, a few costumes, and a selection of prop swords and shields and firearms. Also this:

 Source: Prop Store 

The full catalog will be available when the auction starts July 1st. I've bid in an online Prop Store auction before, and I've won one item. Sorting payment and shipping was slightly complicated, but the prop was delivered as promised with a certificate of authenticity. (Also, while some items were of course far beyond what I could afford, you might be surprised at how low the bids are on the less desirable, but still cool bits of memorabilia. Do keep in mind the fees involved in auctions.)

If a realistic Orc bust is exactly what you've been looking for to tie your living room together, you can register to take part in the auction here (opens in new tab).

Tyler Wilde
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