A new subclass, destination, and info on the next season have seemingly leaked before today's Destiny 2 showcase

The Witness from Destiny 2
(Image credit: Bungie)

In advance of the upcoming Destiny 2 showcase later on today, lots of Lightfall images have surfaced via the Destiny 2 leaks discord. Before we start, though, if you don't want to see any spoilers for Lightfall or Season 18, which also starts later today, you should probably leave now.

Most notably, the supposed leaks include Neptune, a new destination that honestly couldn't look more cyberpunk. There's also a glimpse at what looks like the next subclass, with the guardians wreathed in various forms of green energy. Rumours about "Strand", which is thought to be Destiny 2's second darkness subclass after Stasis, have been knocking around for a some time. It now seems certain to be revealed in today's Showcase. 

What's less clear is whether Strand will lean into the 'poison' effect used already in Destiny 2 by the exotic weapons Osteo Striga and Thorn, as had been predicted by many players. According to the more recent leaks, the subclass will be heavily movement based.

If we are heading to the watery planet of Neptune in Lightfall, according to the leaks it will be to try and stop (big bad) The Witness from stealing a powerful artifact from a previously unseen alien race. Either Calus, or a new disciple similar to Rhulk, judging from the leaked key art, seem to be in command of the Witness's forces.

The rumours also suggest that these new friendly aliens teach the guardians the new subclass to help them in the fight. The introduction of a whole new alien race would be pretty wild, since it'd be the first proper new faction since the introduction of the Scorn in Forsaken back in 2018.

An Epic Games crossover is also reportedly on the cards, with three sets of armor modelled after Warlocks, Titans, and Hunters coming to Fortnite. The partnership will also feature in Destiny 2 as well, with possible emblems or Eververse sets. Safe to say that talk of the game also becoming available on the Epic Games Store is also correct.

Lastly, the leaks also covered elements of Season 18, which kicks off with the weekly reset today. The new season is apparently called Season of the Plunder and is pirate-themed. It'll have us fighting Fallen and boarding their Ketch ships to relieve them of valuables. 

Season 18 also sees the release of Arc 3.0, and since Fallen mainly use arc weapons, it would make sense that Bungie would want the best possible conditions to show off the new subclass. Exotics like Riskrunner are likely to see a resurgence in use, and since this offers arc damage resistance, it'll be perfect in a Fallen-dominated season.

King's Fall was previously rumoured to be the returning raid from the original game, and again a leaked image appears to confirm this. Safe to say this will be the raid that fireteams will be plunging into on Friday, August 26.

Remember, for now this is all unconfirmed, but we'll be getting exact details as part of the Destiny 2 showcase later today. The official stream starts at 5pm BST (12am EDT, 9am PDT, 6pm CEST) on the official Bungie Twitch and YouTube channels, but there will also be an hour long pre-show before.

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