A moon with a giant vagina, and other weird discoveries in No Man's Sky

Tens of thousands of people are busy exploring No Man's Sky again, discovering all sorts of weird and wild sights in the procedurally generated galaxy. Below I've gathered up the weirdest of what players have found, but first let's start with a few of my discoveries. Probably the oddest moment I've had this past week was when I warped into a star system and found myself staring at a moon that appeared to be sporting a rather massive vagina on its surface.

I know there have been plenty of players who have use terrain tools to sculpt dongs on planets, but this is vagina so big you can see it from space, and it isn't the result of player shenanigans. It's a naturally appearing mathematical occurrence that just happens to look like a very big vagina. (Or maybe it looks like the flame of a candle. You be the judge.) Here's a full-sized image.

The moon, called Dagnor III, circling a planet named Crobia, was an 'Empty Moon', with no creature or plant life present. Even the vagina itself vanished when I flew too close, disassembling into more random-looking cracks and ridges in the moon's surface long before I got close enough to land. To me, though, it will always be the Moon Vagina of Dagnor III.

With that bit of business out of the way, here's a look at some other oddities spotted in No Man's Sky over the past week. Obviously there are some spoilers below if you want to find (and be surprised by) all this stuff yourself. 

This planet covered with bony things

Many players have come across planets that are lifeless but simply covered with these weird objects that look like they're made of bone. You can mine them for resources if you have an advanced laser, and as far as I can tell they're new to Next, joining other semi-rare oddities like bubble planets.

This other weird planet covered with these other weird things

If you've come across a [REDACTED] planet (that's what it's called on your scanner) and landed, you probably saw some of these... things. Again, it's another somewhat rare occurrence, littered with tall metallic spires, some of them hovering a few feet off the ground.

This blobby plant creature that has a huge butthole

I'm not obsessed with body parts or anything. I promise! I just keep accidentally finding them in No Man's Sky. Here's a large multi-eyed plant blob that was sloshing around on a planet, and I decided to kill it and push it down a hill because I am a massive space jerk. That's when I discovered it had an enormous butthole (or some sort of hole) that it hops around on.

OK, that's it for body parts from me, I promise. Probably.

This abandoned, pre-Next space station

You'll no longer find a space station in every single star system: some haven't been discovered or explored by the NPC factions yet. Others, however, have been colonized but later abandoned. What's really cool is that these abandoned stations have the same layout as the original space stations: the single round door and same types of small chambers they had before they were redesigned for Next. The landing pads all glow red and it's more than a bit creepy in there. If you find one, be sure to check it out.

Aliens that bring their own chairs everywhere

It was always a bit strange that trading posts had all these seats set out for visitors, rows and rows of them, but no one ever sat in them. Before Next, the single occupant at the post always stood. With more NPCs added, I figured now some of those seats would at least be filled.

Well, no. There are usually a handful of NPCs at the trading posts, and some of them are sitting. But it looks like NPCs prefer to bring their own chairs with them. I'm still not sure who all those seats at trading posts are for and why no one will sit in them. Another No Man's Sky mystery.

A very, very red solar system

I'm not the only one at PC Gamer playing No Man's Sky, as our intrepid photographer Andy Kelly posted last week about all the interesting stuff he's been coming across, including a startlingly lovely, extremely red galaxy (above). I've seen a lot of blue and yellow and green systems, and some that are fairly reddish, but I've never seen a bright red system quite like this. Beautiful.

This sentinel walker at rest

Via Reddit, posted by Scinetik

What I'd hoped (but sort of doubted) might be pilotable mechsuits shown in the Next trailer turned out to be high-level sentinel walkers, mechanical protectors of the resources on certain planets. Reddit member Scinetik spotted one on of these pain-in-the-asses on hunkered down in standby mode. 

I love that they have sort of an offline, resting pose. Just chilling out, relaxing, waiting for someone to break the rules. And then it's stomping time.

A floating chocolate-dipped donut

Via Reddit, posted by Lunitari696

Mmm, delicious! If this planet found and posted by Reddit member Lunitari696 contains an island that looks like a chocolate-dipped donut, maybe it also contains a massive cup of coffee, too. You'd need a pretty big ship if you wanted to take it with you, though.

Is this a ship for ants?

Via Reddit, posted by Slappy193

Hm. Decent little hauler there docked at a space station, until you notice it is a decent very little hauler. I'm not sure the player, if they chose to buy it, could even squeeze in there since they're actually taller than the wee ship. And if so, surely it wouldn't have the cargo space to hold more than a few gravitino balls.

A hex moon orbiting a hex planet

Via Reddit, posted by TezzaMcJ

Hex planets have been around since the last expansion, and while I don't really know their purpose they're still one of my favorite planets to come across. I've seen these synthetic planets and hex moons before, but only one at a time and never two in the same systems. It happens, though, because he's a hex planet with a hex moon orbiting it. Reddit user TezzaMcJ found these two beauts.  There's a couple more shots here.

A frigate of hungy ghosts

Via Reddit, posted by phoisgood495

You can acquire frigates by flying close to them and hailing them on the radio, and then inspecting their stats. Before you buy it, make sure you take a close look at the crew. This crew's mood is 'Hungry', which could mean hungry for action or maybe they're just not well-fed.

Be sure to look at the Notes section, too. It contains important information, such as about this frigate found by Reddit user phoisgood495. If you enlarge the picture above, you'll see the note mentions that the frigate is 'crewed by ghosts.' Huh. That seems important. That seems too important to be left to a note. In fact, it should really be painted on the side of the ship.

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