A group of Diablo 4 masterminds made a sorcerer build that zooms through dungeons in under 2 minutes

Diablo 4 Sorceress close-up
(Image credit: Tyler C. / Activision Blizzard)

With Diablo 4's leaderboards update on the horizon, players are brainstorming what kind of builds will go the fastest. A group of expert build crafters might already have the answer: a sorcerer build that teleports through dungeons so fast that it barely looks like you're playing Diablo anymore.

Diablo 4 streamer Rob2628, along with sorcerer specialists Arccueid and Mekuna, have a build that nearly plays itself. They call it the "Arc Lash sorcerer", but that name buries what's really happening here. Teleport is what actually fuels the build. It lets you zip past enemies, trigger random spells to fill each room, and do it all again instantly because it resets its own cooldown.

The engine underneath the hood is the Flickerstep boots that reduce the cooldown of a powerful ultimate skill every time you teleport. That skill, Unstable Elements, sends out random spells that delete enemies as you fly by. Every attack reduces the cooldown of Teleport, and every Teleport reduces the cooldown of Unstable Elements. You only need to swipe at enemies with Arc Lash for the few moments Unstable Elements isn't back up. Otherwise, it's an endless cycle that only breaks if enemies die before you can jump past them.

Mekuna has a video of the build zooming through a high-level vault in under two minutes. They Teleport so often that the footage looks more like a series of images from Diablo 4 rather than someone playing Diablo 4. I almost expected them to teleport right into another dungeon by the end.

Speed will be king in Diablo 4's upcoming weekly fixed dungeons and this build will probably fight barbarians for the top rank. The only thing that might hold it back are the item drops you need to increase your score. Blizzard has made it sound like going fast in The Gauntlet dungeons is only half of the challenge. Your score will matter too, so players will need to come up with balanced routes each week.

As we saw with the brutal Abattoir of Zir dungeon, Diablo 4 players will do anything they can to conquer whatever Blizzard throws at them. This is how a major exploit was found that lets you gain the benefits of certain items without even wearing them. The hope is that The Gauntlet will give bored endgame players another reason to push the classes as far as they can go.

Blizzard plans to announce The Gauntlet's release date, and its accompanying stream, next week.

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