A Game of Dwarves: pre-order on Steam, receive complimentary boozy DLC pack

Paradox's heavily-bearded, beer-sozzled, subterranean strategy-management sim is now available to pre-order from Steam. Customers choosing to pledge their £7.99 early will also receive the "Ale DLC pack" gratis - an add-on that allows you to grow booze-trees which squirt frothing gouts of delicious beer. Glurp. The video trailer for which you can see within.

The game falls somewhere between Dungeon Keeper and Dwarf Fortress, though replaces the latter's austere interface with a much more WYSIWYG world. There's a randomised continent to explore, and many mysteries and hidden peril to unearth from the earth's depths - and all the while your clan of Dwarves must be nurtured, grown and developed to produce battle-hardened warriors and ingenious engineers.

As well as a 13-level story-driven campaign, there are custom game-modes which allow you to build and dig freely without fear of attack, or, alternatively, pour monsters into the world in an unending deluge, to test the rigour of your defences. More details can be found over at Paradox's Game of Dwarves site .