A Game of Dwarves trailer details Dwarftoberfest

Anyone who's watched David Attenborough's Life of Dwarves will already know much about the Dwarven culture depicted in the upcoming Dwarf management sim, A Game of Dwarves. The scenes in which Attenborough donned disguise and infiltrated the inner sanctum with a camera hidden in a giant horse-hair beard will already know all there is to know of the well documented Dwarven tradition of drinking mead out of tankards and then hitting each other with tankards.

A Game of Dwarves seeks to depict the calmer side of Dwarven culture. Interior decoration and eating are activities common to both their species and ours. The latest trailer shows the most productive period of the Dwarven year, the one that comes just before Dwarfoween, Dwarfsgiving and Dwarfsmas and Dwarfdwarf, known fondly among its celebrators as Dwarftoberfest. Observe.

Tom Senior

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