A fan has built a playable version of Sid Meier’s Civilization in Microsoft Excel

A Sid Meier’s Civilization fan has recreated the 1991 classic strategy game in Microsoft Excel. Titled s0lly’s [CELL]IVIZATION, creator s0lly made the game as part of the OneLoneCoder CODEJAM 2019, a game jam that runs until September 8. “The gamejam's theme is destruction,” s0lly says, “Which is apt for this game’s v1.0 iteration, given that the only way to win is to destroy the opposing team.” 

s0lly’s [CELL]IVIZATION is the creator's first game and says that it took them around a week to complete. The game currently includes settler, warrior, archer, swordsarm, phalanx, knight, and catapult units and s0lly is looking to expand into more features.

“The game is very light on features (basically just build units and attack the opposition), but I will add on additional features—DLC you could call it—if people are keen to see more!” Several features that s0lly has suggested are expanding the number of civilizations, adding an AI, and more resource management tools.

s0lly’s [CELL]IVIZATION is available to download for free on itch.io. If you want to support s0lly’s work you can give it your vote as part of the game jam. Voting ends September 22.

Thanks, PCGamesN.

Rachel Watts

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