A banana could be your next PC controller

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While a mouse and keyboard is still the best choice for things like shooters, a controller is a must-have tool in your PC gaming arsenal. But with some of the best controllers being well over $100, it's not always a budget-friendly investment.

Well, Sony seems to be looking to change that. A recent patent application could see you using any "non-luminous passive object" as a controller in the future, including a banana. That's right, they don't just make an excellent weapon in Hitman, they could also make a great peripheral for playing games like Forza or Dark Souls (thanks, GamesIndustry).

Three diagrams showing the possible ways a banana controller could be used.

(Image credit: Sony)

The application points out that many gamers usually own one controller, and that "it would be desirable if a user could use an inexpensive, simple and non-electronic device as a video game peripheral." The technology proposed in the patent will use a camera to track the pixel contours and colours of the object of your choice. This means a lot could be done in the way of motion controllers too, like using the banana to move the camera around.

There's also mention of a "two-object controller," this time demonstrated with another fruit bowl staple—oranges. The application uses two oranges as an example to form a single steering wheel. This also brings up the potential for dual-wielding bananas, which sounds far more exciting than it should be.

As with all patents, it's unknown if Sony will go anywhere with the technology. Or if they do, it could be years before we start dodge-rolling around the gaff with fruit on the regular. It's a pretty nifty idea though, and one that Sony hopes will be an alternative choice to expensive, increasingly complex controller tech.

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