8TB Seagate external hard drive on sale for £195

Everyone knows by now that for your main drive on your PC, you need a solid state drive. They're way faster than hard drives, they're more reliable, and prices on them aren't as high as they used to be. However, spinning drives still have their place, and external drives with plenty of storage can be particularly handy. Need somewhere to store a whole bunch of photos and videos? Need a backup for all your important files and documents? You can grab an 8TB Seagate Backup Plus Hub on Amazon right now for £195

It's not our favorite portable hard drive, that title goes to its brother, the Seagate Expansion, however you do get the added bonus of two integrated USB 3.0 ports on the front. Instead of taking up a USB port on your PC, it opens up an extra one. It's formatted for Windows out of the box, but you can install the NTFS driver and use a drive interchangeably between Windows and Mac if you need to, without reformatting. It's also got built in software which allows you to schedule automatic backups.

The RRP is up over £230, but the Seagate Backup Plus Hub usually sits around £215. Either way you're getting a nice little saving on a lot of storage, and £195 is the cheapest it's ever been on Amazon. There's a 4TB and a 6TB model available too, but the 8TB version is where the value for money is at right now, as it's only £10 more than the 6TB at the moment. 

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