868-HACK arrives on Steam, has great trailer

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Relax, dear reader, and enjoy the best new trailer you will see today.

It's the launch trailer for 868-Hack, Michael Brough's hacking roguelike. The game has finally made the jump from iOS to Steam, and to celebrate, this excellent video now exists.

Pro-tip: parodying that anti-piracy trailer is always funny. Always (opens in new tab).

868-Hack is a game where you steal data, using the programs you collect as abilities to take down the system's defences. It started life as the free 7DRL prototype 86856527 (opens in new tab). This paid-for Steam version (opens in new tab) makes numerous changes and additions (opens in new tab) to both individual programs and core mechanics. It's difficult, but then, it's a roguelike from the developer of Corrypt (opens in new tab). Of course it's difficult.

Phil Savage

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