50 reasons to play World of Warcraft: Cataclysm


Rumour has it that Blizzard's massive new expansion for World of Warcraft entered alpha around the same time as the final raid instance was patched into Northrend. That means we're already counting down towards launch – and that Cataclysm should be ready this year. Here's why we can't wait. And why lapsed subscribers should probably return to Azeroth.

1. It's going to be explosive

The Cataclysm name comes from the violent eruptions that will precede its launch. Nothing less than a outright destruction can satisfy Blizzard's requirements. They want to blow up the original world. Volcanoes will erupt across Azeroth, tsunamis will break against the shores, mountains will crumble and the entire geography will change forever. The reason? To bring old boring old vanilla WoW up to the standards of new WoW.

“The cataclysm event provides a great hook for us to make all these changes that would ordinarily seem very strange,” says Tom Chilton, one of World of Warcraft's lead designers. “It's hard to go back to old content and change it without creating questions about 'Why was that here one day and not today?' Something that we always hear from players is that they would like the world to be more dynamic. Even though players want the world to be more dynamic, it's very important that you do it in a way that makes sense.”

2. You'll fight the ultimate dragon...

Who's behind the events of the Cataclysm? Step forward Deathwing the Destroyer. Formerly known as Neltharion and Lord Daval Prestor, the father of Onyxia and leader of the Black Dragonflight has been missing presumed dead since the events of Warcraft II. Actually, according to the Warcraft lore, he's been recuperating on the Elemental Plane and it's his re-emergence into Azeroth, directly through the world's crust, that's torn the everything asunder. He's a bit of a bad dude.

3. ...Or just irritate him for a bit.

One thing that Blizzard's designers are proud of in their last expansion, Wrath of the Lich King, is that you're aware of arch-villain Arthas from the moment you step into the new continent of Northrend. His repeated appearances help to give purpose to the expansion, and have built up anticipation for the final fight to be patched in. Deathwing will have a similarly slow but pervasive introduction.

4. You'll meet Goblins...

New content means new characters to level up. The good news is that the Horde are getting even more green: goblins are joining the fun. They're going to make their home in Azshara, just north of the Orc city of Orgrimmar, and their engineering prowess ha to be seen to be believed. Their greatest triumph? A giant, skyscraper-sized rocket launcher that should protect Orgrimmar from aerial attack.

5. And become a refugee

Goblin players begin their life at their home in Kezan – a factory city that's churning out sludge and trinkets. When the Cataclysm hits, an earthquake destroys Kezan and the fleeing gobbos ar sold into slavery by a treacherous leader. They're saved when a battle between Horde and Alliance breaks out around their boat. Epic drama: the battle is over a caged Thrall.

6. Goblins can fly

The Goblin racial abilities are already hilarious. They have their own personal banker – a hulking Troll slave that can be summoned at will. They have a jetpack that launches them into the air. Because they're such great hagglers, they'll receive the best faction discounts in the game. And, they get a one percent increase to their attack and casting speed. The result? They're completely overpowered.

7. Try Goblin Rogues

If you want to start a Goblin character, you'll have a range of classes to choose from. You can be a Goblin Death Knight, Hunter, Mage, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock or Warrior. We're torn between a Hunter (the goblins are smaller than their pets) or Rogue – their sneak animation is hilarious.

8. You could be a Werewolf

You know what the Alliance needs? Furry roleplaying Twilight fans. The new Alliance race are the Worgen – cursed humans that, when they start fighting, turn into wolves. If you want to find out where they come from, try visiting the Greymane Wall. Just head directly south from the Undercity, at the base of Silverpine Forest. Worgen will be leaving from here come Cataclysm.

9. You'll try new Werewolf fashions

Worgen are originally from Gilneas, a kingdom that has spent the past five years sheltering behind the Greymane Wall. The look of the native Gilneans is pure Victorian punk: they favour waistcoats, top hats, and expensive tailoring.

10. Worgen will be top of the charts

Worgen's innate racial abilities mean they're perfect for WoW players who want to hit the top of the damage meters – they're granted an automatic one percent bonus to their damage output. They're great at skinning, and they get a free sprint bonus every three minutes. Not quite OP. But pretty powerful.


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