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343 shoots down the rumor that Halo Infinite will launch without multiplayer

Thursday's Halo Infinite reveal had a rough landing. Criticism of the graphics spawned a pile of new memes. Some fans called for a delay; others searched for an explanation, pinning their hopes on the idea that it was a six-month-old build. That upset and confusion made it a little easier to believe a rumor that popped up Friday claiming Infinite might not be launching with multiplayer alongside its singleplayer campaign. 

"One source is telling me that multiplayer isn't going to be shipping with singleplayer this fall," said Brad Sams, who regularly covers Microsoft games and other products, in a Friday morning livestream. But 343 has already issued a flat denial. "Nothing to see here folks, this is not true," tweeted Halo community director Brian Jarrard.

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And that's that. It was implausible that a new Halo game would launch without multiplayer, though 343 did say on Thursday that it's approaching Infinite as a platform, which will be updated significantly over time.

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