17 new items coming to Team Fortress 2

Aw, now I want there to be tanks.

Anyone who thinks that community made items aren't as exciting or potent as regular items can come and discuss it with me and my Homewrecker. The winners of the Polycount competition have been announced, and that means seventeen of the submissions will be getting packaged up with attributes added by Valve, and shipped in the coming weeks. Here are the winners:

  • Larolaro's ' Tank Buster ' Pack
  • This is a set of black soldier items - two weapons and a hat. There's a chunky rocket launcher, a black military cap, and a replacement for the Buff Banner that, if Valve decide to go along with what Larolaro's description suggests, has something to do with allowing other players to call for backup.

  • Spetch's ' Special Delivery ' Pack
  • Four Scout items - a hat, and one for every weapon slot. They all make him look like a milk man, all but the melee weapon: the "Holy Mackerel". It's a fish, wrapped in some newspaper.

  • Progg's ' Gas Man ' Pack
  • Three pyro items that make him look, I guess, like a gas station attendant. I used to be one of those! I also used to torch people! It consists of: a hat with matching bow tie, a flame thrower that looks like a old time-y gas station pump with a car exhaust on it, crowed with a hob from a gas stove. The melee weapon is another hammer, this time made out of a car battery on a sort of... well, it's a stick, really. Car battery on a stick.

  • Chemical Alia's ' Saharan Spy ' Pack
  • You know what's cooler than a bow tie? A fez hat, a gorgeous new knife, and a very small calibre pistol. Darts, anyone? By the way, Chemical Alia is also gradually converting the TF2 cast into bloodthirsty female mercenaries .

  • nrek's ' Croc-o-Style ' Pack
  • A Sniper pack with a crocodile theme. There's a crocodile hat, a crocodile skin Razorback with a swishy tail, a crocodile themed... actually it's just a knife thing. As I've said before , it looks like they want you to be able to throw it. There's also a dart rifle. Darts all round, people!

Polycount members who submitted an entry also get a green lapel badge for their misc slot. Here are the original entrants , and the winners page .