0x10c in suspended animation, community looks to rebuild Notch's space sandbox

It was back in April that Notch revealed he was putting his space sandbox prototype 0x10c "on ice". Since then, it seems, the freeze has only deepened. During a recent TF2 livestream , the Minecraft creator answered a question on the status of his next game, saying, "Nope, there are no future aspirations for 0x10c". He went on to say that, if another member of the Mojang office wanted to pick the game up, they could. Instead, it seems like the game's fans will be taking it upon themselves to fulfil the promise they saw in the concept.

Trillek is the name of the community driven project. Rather than directly copy the limited information Notch had revealed on his game, they're starting from scratch - taking inspiration from 0x10c's ideas and themes.

"We're dedicated to creating a fun, challenging game that gives your creativity no limit," explains Trillek's website . "Going from ordering your crew to prepare for FTL, to then explore the surfaces of randomly-generated planets in hopes of finding evidence of long lost Civilizations or treasure! To being chased down the halls of your own ship by evil aliens, then sadly watching your ship be ripped apart and destroyed while floating away on the last escape pod."

It's still incredibly early days for the project, but you can track its progress on the game's forum and subreddit page .

As for Notch, he also claimed in the lifestream that, "I'm just going to be working on small games for the rest of my life." As Tom Sykes noted in our most recent Free Webgame Round-up , you can find one of those games, Shambles, right here .

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