The Free Webgame Round-Up

Typing. Invisible objects. A form of echolocation. A be-hatted Minecraft creator pitting zombie against man. Nightmares. Knightmares . That Sort of Thing. All that and more awaits in this week's Free Webgame Roundup, which as you may have guessed collects the very best in browser-based entertainment, saving you the trouble of wading through those muddy, muddy waters for yourself. Enjoy!


Play it online here.

Obscure indie developer Notch 'Notch' Notch (I believe he made a game called 'Minefield') did a 7 day FPS , and here it is. It's the rare zombie game that remembers to include humans, giving you the difficult (and fun) task of having to distinguish between the two – or not bothering and shooting everyone, just in case. As the humans run around like headless chickens, the virus spreads before your eyes. Killing zombies, and grabbing the resultant yellow orbs, ups your score – however, it's also in your interest (if not in the interest of mankind) to kill a few cops and pedestrians along the way, who drop ammo and health packs respectively. SHAMBLES,as the name suggests, is utterly chaotic, but it's one of the more novel zombie games I've come across. (Via Free Indie Games )

Icarus Proudbottom Teaches Typing by Holy Wow Studios

Play it online here.

As RPS note, Icarus Proudbottom Teaches Typing is pretty much the typing game equivalent of the magnificent Frog Fractions. Framed as a sort of educational typing game, Icarus quickly ventures into unexpected, and usually hilarious, territory. Highly recommended.

Knightmare Tower by Juicy Beast

Play it online here.

Most people would take the lift when faced with the prospect of ascending a giant tower to rescue ten princesses, but I guess the knight in Knightmare Tower figured they were in some kind of hurry. Instead, you hitch a ride on a sort of rocket barrel thing, which propels you through the chamber (and away from the rising lava), at least until you learn to bounce off enemies. Sure, this is a cut-down version of an App Store/Ouya game, but there's more than enough arcade fun here to barrel through. (Via Indie Statik )

Killing Moon by JoyMasher

Play it online here.

A neat horror/adventure game with fantastic pixel art and music, and shades of Donnie Darko in its high school Halloween party setting. Lovely, spooky, atmospheric stuff, although I did find the looking at/interacting with hotspots pretty damned pernickety (try moving around a bit first if they don't register for you). (Via IndieGames )

PicTune by IcyLime

Play it online here.

Probably the hardest browser game I've played, PicTune asks you to guess what invisible letter/shape/thing is being hidden on screen, purely from the noise made when you scan over it with a big blue bar. You're essentially being asked to use echolocation, and as I'm not a bat myself (I don't know about you), I only managed to make it to level 3. Still, this is bloody clever, bloody original stuff. (Via IndieGames )

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