Should you buy what Xur is selling this week?

Destiny 2's server maintenance is now over, which means it's time to pay a visit to Xur. Each weekend, Destiny is visited by this worm-faced travelling salesman, offering players the chance to acquire some of the most powerful gear in the game. (Or to run to Reddit and complain that he's selling the bloody Sunbracers again.) 'Caveat emptor' certainly applies when you're dealing with the gibbering agent of an unseen extraterrestrial force called The Nine, but luckily we're on hand to provide some impeccable buying advice. No affiliate links.

This week Xur is in the Winding Cove area of the European Dead Zone on Earth. Just pop open your destination map and look for the IX marker—he's at the top of a small cliff, North of where you land.

As ever, he offers one armor piece per class, each priced at 23 Legendary Shards, and an exotic weapon for 29 Legendary shards. Xur arrives at 1.00 AM PST / 9.00 AM GMT, and leaves when the game resets the following Tuesday. Generally speaking I would advise picking up any exotic you don't have, if you've got the Shards to burn. This week, the alien in a flasher trenchcoat has a surprisingly solid stock...

Sweet Business (auto rifle) — definitely buy  

In the pursuit of PvP balance, Destiny 2 completely dispensed with the HMG archetype, much to my annoyance (sleep well, sweet Thunderlord), but you can still make like Cyber Rambo with this minigun bullet hose that sits in your kinetic weapon slot. Sweet Business isn't just for funsies either. When it comes to DPS, it's very much Serious Business, and capable of doing some of the best DPS against the final raid boss. I would particularly recommend it to Titan players, because it's large magazine has great synergy with the Actium War Rig exotic chest piece that steadily reloads the magazine from your inventory as you fire. It also pairs perfectly with the Titan's Rally Barricade class ability which reloads weapons when you crouch behind it. Look, it's a freaking minigun as a primary weapon, what more do you ingrates want? 

Skull of Dire Ahamkara (Warlock helmet) — probably buy 

In Destiny lore, the Ahamkara are a race of extinct (or are they?) wish-fulfilling dragons that are referenced in the cryptic flavor text of multiple pieces of exotic armor. Which is cool. But what you really need to know is that this Warlock helmet is a carry-over from Destiny 1 that also had another exotic's perks rolled into it. The main perk gives you some added protection while casting Nova Bomb as a Voidwalker, which is meh, but each successful Nova Bomb kill will also grant you extra super energy. So if you can nuke a bunch of enemies in a public event, you stand to gain back as much as half of your super bar, and potentially more with a truly perfect shot. Given that you don't use your super all that often, and enemies often won't be grouped optimally when you do, I tend to favour the higher utility of Nezarec's Sin, but this is still a solid pick. As wearing another creature's skull on your face so often is, oh bearer mine. 

Lucky Raspberry (Hunter chest piece) — maybe buy

The biggest reason to skip Lucky Raspberry is that Arcstrider Hunters already have an S-tier chest piece in the form of Raiden Flux, which extends the super to longer than it takes to read some books. Lucky Raspberry's signature perk has a slightly higher skill cap to get the most out of it—it extends the chaining distance of your Arcbolt grenades, and the more enemies you tag, the more chance you have of getting a completely refreshed 'nade. So whereas in Destiny 1 this was purely a PvP item, now it has decent add-control potential in PvE. Plus it looks pretty sweet, which is enough to put it onto the shopping list for me.  

Synthoceps (Titan gloves) — probably buy 

Here are a pair of gauntlets which do work in PvP. The Synthoceps are must buy for Titans who utilise an aggressive, punch playstyle. And if that isn't you, why did you roll a Titan in the first place? The exotic perk extends the range of your melee, and makes it do more damage when surrounded by enemies. The latter doesn't feel too important, given that the kind of enemies in PvE that tend to surround you usually die to one knuckle sandwich anyway, but the added reach in PvP will give you a clear edge when it comes to fisticuffs. Pro tip: if you do pick these up, experiment with some of the blue rarity planetary shaders. These ones will make the veins on those bulging hulk arms glow luminously.