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Murdered: Soul Suspect trailer offers a crash course in supernatural detective work

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By now you’ve probably heard about Square Enix’s Murdered: Soul Suspect, or Ghost Cop, as I like to call it. It’s a little hard to wrap your head around what Soul Suspect actually plays like. Is it a shooter? An adventure game? A match-3 game? Well, probably not the latter, but if you want to know what Murdered: Soul Suspect is all about, its recently released "101" trailer should get you up to speed.

4K Screenshot Showcase: Tomb Raider

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Every week, keen screen-grabber Ben Griffin brings you a sumptuous 4K resolution gallery to celebrate PC gaming's prettiest places.

Tomb Raider's fictional island of Yamatai, set like a scab off the Japanese mainland, was a place of inhospitable beauty. Storms and shipwrecks plague its coastline, while towards the interior lay violent cults and ancient ruins. I braved the wilds and returned to civilized society to bring you these 4K screenshots.

Square Enix: DRM is "essential for the foreseeable future"

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In a new interview, an executive at Square Enix has doubled-down on the company’s DRM policy. The executive claims that DRM protects profits at the end of the day, and that’s the most important thing to any development studio, big or small.

Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn bags over two million registered accounts

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Square Enix have announced that their once disastrous, now pretty good Final Fantasy XIV has accrued over 2 million registered accounts, and all without using the Steal command to pilfer them from other games. A little bit of Final Fantasy humour for you there. It's hardly World of Warcraft numbers, but it is a notable achievement from a game that launched in a state fit to be thrown to the dogs, before being shut down and extensively remade at the developer/publisher's own cost. Square Enix are currently celebrating with some vials of Elixir, a big haunch of chocobo meat, and other Final Fantasy references.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided trademark filed, hopefully won't be another mobile game

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We never asked for this reportedly shoddy PC port of the Deus Ex mobile game The Fall. We never asked for this impressive Human Revolution short fan film, but we're glad it got made anyway. We also never asked for this Deus Ex expanded universe thingy, but we'll be glad when it results in another PC game as good as HR. That day may be sooner than we thought, if a recent filed trademark is anything to go by. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is its name, and there is a modicum of evidence to suggest it may be a proper HR sequel, rather than another mobile game. We never asked you to join us after the break.

Murdered: Soul Suspect trailer reminds you that Murdered: Soul Suspect exists

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Airtight's Murdered: Soul Suspect is the one that's a bit like the Blackwell games, a bit like haunted pottery film Ghost, and a lot like Ghost Trick. You're a cop trying to solve his own murder, and while you don't have Whoopi Goldberg around to help you out, you do have a young girl who appears to be next on your killer's People To Off list. How can you help the living when you can't touch, talk or change into a less bullet-riddled set of clothes? Possession, my friend, which may or may not be shown off in this new, incredibly fast-paced trailer.

Thief speedrunner shows what it takes to get a top score

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Speedrunning a game like the new Thief sometimes means knowing when to slow down. Youtuber prenatual has set a pretty high standard with the complete playthrough documented above, a two-hour, 1300-point custom speedrun with no kills, alerts, or knockouts.

Nosgoth closed beta starts Thursday, features new Siege game mode

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Nosgoth's war between humans and vampires inches closer to full release with the announcement of a closed beta set to begin Thursday. An heir to the long-dormant Legacy of Kain universe, the online-multiplayer game's closed beta should debut a new game mode, according to developer Psyonix.

Now playing: watch Chris start his Thief Iron Man playthrough

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Thief has a brilliant options menu. Visual aids like loot-glint, objective markers and object highlighting can be disabled for a score multiplier. You can even turn off Garrett's new "focus" mode, and guard alert indicators, and then turn the whole thing into a sneaky roguelike by activating Iron Man mode. Die, or fail an objective, and the whole run comes to an end. Sounds like a perfect challenge for our Thief reviewer, Chris Thursten, who streamed the start of his Iron Man adventure last night. How did he get on? The video is here.

Deus Ex: The Fall announced for PC release

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Square Enix have announced that mobile game Deus Ex: The Fall is being re-released on Steam in a new and reworked PC edition, to be released on March 25th. Did anyone ask for this? Probably, because The Fall was supposedly a competent if somewhat unremarkable extension of the atmosphere and ideas of Human Revolution. As you'd hope from a PC port, the game has been augmented to support keyboard, mouse and controller. The mobile version's in-app purchase options have also been removed.

Thief review

Chris Thursten at

Thief – the series – has been many things. It is the grandfather of stealth on the PC, part of a design heritage that links Quake to System Shock 2, System Shock 2 to Deus Ex, and so on. It stands for the idea that ‘first person’ doesn’t imply ‘shooter’: the original BioShock might be its great-grandchild, but Amnesia and Gone Home are Thief’s descendents too.

It is the actualisation of a very specific fantasy – the outlaw shadow, Robin Hood by way of Batman – and more broadly representative of a particular type of fantasy, a gothic marriage of Hexen’s para-medieval grotesquerie and ’90s-era steampunk. For some players, Thief is about precision – perfect sequences of evasion and distraction forged with much hammering of the quick load key. For others, it’s a game of improvisation, gambits, brawls and hair’s breadth escapes.

For many, it’s about atmosphere. The sense of being an intruder. The latent threat of an Auldale mansion at night, the mysteries of an underground city, the terrors of The Cradle. Thief’s settings are a showcase for exemplary art and level design talent, a legacy that begins with Looking Glass Studios and ends with The Dark Mod, with the gaming community.

Deus Ex: Revision mod building a new future for a classic game

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It's a testament to the legacy of Deus Ex that so many still see such potential in the classic cyberpunk game. With its Revision mod, a small team of designers at Caustic Creative is working to put its own stamp on the original experience with redesigned music and environment art.

Thief launch trailer tries to capture your attention

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I'd forgotten Thief was being released next week. In fact, you could say its launch really snuck up on me. At least, you could if you didn't want everyone within earshot to groan, sign and throw heavy objects of you. Instead, it's probably best to keep quiet and watch this launch trailer, which goes over some of the plot points that are motivating Garrett as he robs his way through a city in turmoil.

Square Enix interested in bringing more Final Fantasy to PC

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There isn't a lot of Final Fantasy available on the PC. Final Fantasy VII, VIII, and MMO Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn are the few games in the Japanese role-playing franchise currently available on Steam. Publisher Square Enix says they've been quite popular on the PC, however, and while it didn't share specific sales figures, it's interested in bringing more Final Fantasy games to the platform.

Square Enix, Amazon announce Thief: Gold modding competition

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We're big fans of The Dark Mod, a fan remake of the original Thief game that won our 2013 mod of the year award. Square Enix, which will soon publish the Thief reboot, is a fan as well. It just announced a partnership with Amazon for a Thief: Gold modding competition, and has directed participants to The Dark Mod if they're looking for helpful modding resources.

Thief video sees Garrett sneak and steal in a full mission playthrough

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We know Garrett feels right at home in dark places. In advance of Thief's launch later this month, Eidos Montreal has released a complete mission playthrough video that shines a light on a few of the dim alleys and dangerous perches that will populate the upcoming reboot to the classic series.

See what Nosgoth is all about in this hour-long gameplay video

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Last year, we found out that a sequel to 2003's Legacy of Kain: Defiance was canceled and reworked into a free-to-play, class-based multiplayer game called Nosgoth. So far, only a limited amount of players have been able to get into the alpha, so this hour's worth of gameplay footage with commentary by Psyonix Game Director Corey Davis and shoutcaster Alex 'Goldenboy' Mendez is the first good look we've had at the game.

Thief trailer explains the game in exhaustive detail

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Thief is a game about a thief. Not just any thief either, but a master thief. That means he's silent, untraceable, and likely has permanent spinal damage from all that time spent crouching. All of which (well, except maybe the back injuries) are in direct opposition to the development of Thief, which has been loud enough to rouse the elderly statesmen whose jewellery box you've been rifling through.

Case in point: the new trailer, which takes six minutes to fully detail almost every aspect of how the game plays. Criminals would normally need a Crimewatch episode to get that sort of exposure.

Square Enix reveals first Collective games

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In October 2013 Square Enix announced it was partnering with Indiegogo to create a new crowdfunding platform called Collective, to help developers turn their pitches into games. Today, Collective went live, revealing the first three games that users can vote on.

Hitman Contracts hits Steam, initial audio issues fixed

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The silent assassin Agent 47 completed his most stealthy operation to date, launching Hitman Contracts on Steam for $7 without making a single peep, literally. As the first batch of Steam reviews indicated, the game initially launched without any of the soundtrack and voice work.