The Crew trailer shows more social features, overuses the word crew

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Thanks to this trailer, the word crew has lost all meaning to me. It's just an ugly syllable, hanging twisted in the air. The breaking point was the line, "now it's time to take down a rival crew or two, in the crew versus crew PvP." On the plus side, there are some nice driving activities on display.

Ubisoft is "aiming at a 60 FPS on PC" with The Crew

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Will you be able to play Ubisoft's open-world racer The Crew at 60 frames-per-second on PC? Yes. Will you be able to Ubisoft's open-world racer The Crew at an officially supported 60 frames-per-second on PC? Maybe.

That 'maybe' is a slight upgrade from 'no', which is what Ubisoft earlier suggested in a thread on The Crew's forum. Now they've clarified, saying that they're "aiming at" a native 60 FPS option, but didn't want to promise anything before it was confirmed.

We have five thousand The Crew beta keys to give away

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You've read about Andy's coast-to-coast journey, now maybe you'd like to strap in and set off on your own. Or perhaps you'd prefer to cruise the streets of US cities, picking up challenges and proving your skill. Soon you'll be able to do both, as we're giving away 5,000 keys to next week's The Crew beta.

Update: It's all over. That was quick. If you successfully claimed a key, it should be emailed to you in the next few hours.

The Crew gameplay trailer showcases modes and spectacular collisions

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The Crew releases November 11, and while you may have partaken in the recent closed beta, that's no reason to pass over this new gameplay trailer showing off some of the racer's modes. It's a guarantee of sorts that during your travels across Ubisoft Reflections' interpretation of the United States, you'll be doing more than sightseeing. You'll be crashing into other cars on purpose, for instance.

Colin McRae Rally Steam release might not be what you were expecting; Codies offering refunds

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When something called Colin McRae Rally popped up on Steam last week, it was natural to assume that it might be an HD remaster or remake of the PC version of Colin McRae Rally 1 or 2. It's not. It's an updated port of a Colin McRae mobile game, lacking car customisation, a lot of stages and cars, and sporting an interface that hasn't been adjusted for PC. Before yesterday, the game's Steam page contained a misleading description that didn't mention the word 'mobile' once, but that's now been updated, at least a little bit. It still has a few misleading sentences like "The classic rally experience races onto PC and Mac". More generously, Codcemasters are offering refunds to anyone who feels like they were duped into buying something they didn't want.

F1 2014 announced, will reflect this year's changes to the sport

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Codemasters has announced their latest F1 title and, weirdly, it's not adhering to the tradition of being named after some hypothetical future year. F1 2014 will, instead, release in 2014 (spooky), leaving the 'next-gen' F1 2015 to the numerically appropriate 2015 F1 season. This year's entry will likely be a little less visually sparkly than next year's, but Codies are still promising big changes to the business of driving fast cars around a track, including a "driver evaluation system" that will analyse your skill level during play, before suggesting game settings tailored to your ability—or lack thereof.

Project CARS system requirements will put your PC to the test

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Project Cars studio Slighty Mad has claimed that its racer is "the most technically advanced racing game on the planet", so it makes sense that you'd need a technically advanced PC to run it. With the release of these system requirements, you'll be able to make sure your PC is up-to-scratch before the game's release on an unspecified day in November.

Grid Autosport gets free, optional HD texture pack on PC; other DLC plans revealed

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Grid Autosport is all about performance; about power under the hood, junk under the trunk, and other things that racing enthusiasts probably say. In that sense, it's not dissimilar to PC ownership—something that can equally descend into stand-offish posturing over specifications and build quality. Codemasters recognise this, and have responded with free PC-only launch-day DLC: an HD texture pack that will separate the computers in pole position from those in need of a pit stop.

Project CARS E3 trailer is pretty, contains cars

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The bouncy castle that is the E3 show floor is starting to deflate as we draw ever closer to the event's end. In a few days time, it'll fully collapse, trapping any lingering developers in its enormous flapping bulk. For now, there's still time to share a few loose trailers. Like this, a dramatic trailer for the startlingly pretty Project CARS.

The Crew gets a release date at E3 2014, open beta in July

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Ubisoft unveiled a new cinematic trailer for The Crew, its massively multiplayer racing game, at the publisher's press conference today at E3 2014. Even better, we now have a date for when The Crew will hit PCs, as well as news of an upcoming beta for the racer.

Arma 3 Karts goes from April Fools' joke to real-life DLC

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Arma 3 Karts began life as an April Fools' joke, but as sometimes happens, fans thought it was actually a pretty cool idea. So Bohemia Interactive decided to run with it, and the result is Arma 3 Karts, released today as an honest-to-goodness DLC pack for the famed military shooter, with a portion of sales going to charity.

Grid Autosport trailer details Endurance events

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Endurance is not just a stat in Dark Souls 2, or the name of Shackleton's doomed ship - it's also an event type in Codemasters' upcoming GRID Autosport, which will have players driving around tracks for a really, really, really, really long time. Actually, throw a couple more reallys in there. The following trailer shows a glimpse of these events in action, interspersed with talking heads of (presumably) famous racing people who have been roped in to say things like 'drive shaft' and 'wheels'. The real meat lies in the accompanying press release, which has some interesting titbits to share about the event. Join me for a couple of laps after the break, won't you?

New Project CARS trailer claims it's the best looking racing game on the planet

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Slightly Mad Studio describes Project CARS on its YouTube page as “the most authentic, beautiful, intense, and technically advanced racing game on the planet.” Well. They’ll feel rather silly when that Martian-developed racing game launches and absolutely crushes them, but until then, the latest trailer for the game looks like a strong claim to the title.

Grid Autosport announced, is a "descendant" of the TOCA series

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Over the years, it's become increasingly difficult to summarise the various Codemasters racing series. There was a time when each game's "thing" was obvious. You had Colin McRae Rally, which was a rally game, and TOCA, which was a touring car game. Since then, we've had the DIRTs, which were about rallying, skidding ostentatiously around corners and Americans, and the GRIDs, the focus of which seemed to be "stuff on a road".

Now, Codemasters have announced Grid Autosport, which aims to focus in on a single, specific idea: racing fast cars very fast around racing tracks.

Project CARS trailer reminds you that it's still gorgeous

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Just in case you forgot, the latest trailer for racing simulator Project CARS is a good reminder that it still looks absolutely incredible. The "Community Assisted Racing Simulator," which was funded with Developer Slightly Mad Studio's WMD (World of Mass Development) crowdfunding platform is still in development and available only to backers, so for now all we can do is gawk. crashes onto Steam Greenlight

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Real-time soft-body physics might sound like the technology powering an erotic Oculus Rift game, but in reality it's the magic maths that helps make BeamNG's crashes look as crunchy as they do. What started as a physics tech demo has slowly been transforming into an open-world driving game, named That game has now taken a turn onto the Greenlight highway, and is hoping to gain enough momentum to pass through the Steam barrier.

Next Car Game's vehicular destruction in 11 GIFs

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Things we're bad at: driving cars in Next Car Game, staying on the track for more than five seconds. Things we're great at: Flipping, barrel rolling, and straight-up wrecking cars in Next Car Game. Is it a skill, or an astonishing lack of skill? Either way, it turns out annihilating automobiles in Next Car Game, which is currently on Steam Early Access, is more fun than racing them. The cars crunch and shred and break into so many wonderful pieces, we had to record their destruction in animated GIF form.

Thanks to the physics processing prowess of the Large Pixel Collider, we could record at 1080p and 60fps while barrels and tires and bumpers bounced across the screen. We've compiled our 11 favorite crashes below, but don't worry about them taking forever to load. They're embedded in HTML5 video form, which can compress a chunky 14MB GIF into a digestible two megs. Give 'em a click for a larger version and a link to the original GIF.

Next Car Game launches on Steam Early Access

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Since Next Car Game was first announced, Bugbear have created a Kickstarter, released a trailer, cancelled the Kickstarter, released a demo, and crowdfunded through their own website. You'd think that at some point during that process, somebody on the team would have raised their hand and said "hey guys, how about we call it 'Smashy Smashy Bang Vroom'?"

The destruction derby racer is now available on Steam Early Access, where yes, it's still called Next Car Game. If you buy it, it will be available through your Steam Library, where it will still be called Next Car Game. Is it really so hard to come up with a video game name? How about Metal Mayhem: Origins, or Super Scrapes: Awakening, or, if they'd rather go for a celebrity licence, Tony Hawk's Reckless Roadside Endangerment? I know he's more closely associated with skating, but he's not done a game in a while, so he'd probably be up for it.

Next Car Game blows past crowdfunding goal, 50,000 demo downloads reported

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The holidays were good to Next Car Game and its particular vision of motorized mayhem. After Bugbear Entertainment's Kickstarter to fund its latest racing game fell short of its goal in November, the developer asked for support through the project's website. Backers there have contributed more than $490,000, well clear of its original crowdfunding goal.

Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed is also having a free weekend on Steam

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Your choices for free gaming this weekend are numerous, incorporating everything from massive free-to-play timesinks, to cool and compelling browser games. Your choices for free gaming with purchasable games on Steam are slightly narrower. Of them, War of the Vikings is the obvious choice, what with it featuring burly man smacking each other about the head with sharp implements. But also check out Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, because - against all odds - it's pretty flipping good.