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Stained developer halts Steam key distribution to Indie Royale buyers, wants them to re-buy it instead

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Stained developer RealAxis Software has decided not to distribute Steam keys to people who purchased last year's Indie Royale Debut 3 bundle, despite earlier promises to do so. In a message posted on the Steam forums, RealAxis said the game isn't selling and the studio is probably doomed, and encouraged fans to buy it again instead of expecting a Steam key from a cheap bundle.

Indie Royale's Arclight bundle features upcoming AI War expansion, other Arcen games

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By my count, over 13,400 bundles are running at this moment. And now, just as one Indie Royale ends, another springs up to replace it. Maybe this is it: bundles in perpetuity. A constant stream of cheap indie games being thrown at us for the rest of eternity.

This Arclight bundle does make the idea seem palatable. It's a near-complete collection from developer Arcen Games, including the beta for the upcoming AI War expansion, Vengeance of the Machine.

Indie Royale's Hammerhead Bundle includes Primordia, Forge, no visible sharks

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The Indie Royale game bundle returns with its most cryptically mysterious name since the last time it had a cryptically mysterious name. Called the Hammerhead Bundle, it features five games. Some of them are about robots, some of them are about vehicular combat, some of them are about fantasy brawling, none of them appear to be about angry fish. As always, there's a trailer round up of the included games. See how many sharks you can spot.

Indie Royale's Lunar Bundle contains Back to the Future, Cargo Commander

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That's no moon. No, really, some of the games in the Indie Royale Lunar Bundle take place in space, but none of them appear to be set on - or are even about - the Moon. Still, nonsensical titles can be forgiven when the upshot is a four pack of pay-what-you-want indie games, including Back to the Future and the enjoyably tense zero gravity platformer Cargo Commander.

Latest Indie Royale bundle celebrates Valentine's day with explosions

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Valentine's Day isn't usually synonymous with charging monsters and punch-packing rocket launchers, but that's the direction Indie Royale have taken with their Valentine's Bundle 2.0. Serious Sam 3: BFE headlines the six-game selection. I guess those screaming headless bomb-arm guys really were just trying to give you a hug.

The Indie Royale Evolved Bundle: set your price for Unmechanical, Krater, and more

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The first half of the Indie Royale Evolved Bundle's name sounds like a gourmet, locally-grown hamburger. Look elsewhere if you're hungry for food, but if you're hungry for five DRM-free indie games, the bundle is selling at a fluctuating minimum that's currently sitting at $5.35.

A bundle of bundles: Indie Royale, Indie Gala and the Free Bundle all live

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Actually, is Bundle the collective noun for indie bundles? Maybe it should be something else. A flock of bundles? A discount of bundles? A hipster of bundles? Whatever they are, a bunch of non-Humble indie game collections are currently running. Here's a round-up of what pay-what-you-want delights are currently available.

Xmas Bundle 2.0 offers Offspring Fling, Serious Sams and more

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With December 25th just around the corner, now's the perfect time to put your Christmas shopping off for a few more days, then panic-buy everything at a petrol station the night before. OR, if you're lucky enough to have family that know what to do with an executable file, you could always splash out on Indie Royale's festive Xmas Bundle 2.0. This second iteration boasts some big names - Offspring Fling, Serious Sam: The Random Encounter and Double DD - and some big concepts, including Colour Bind, a 2D puzzler that rewrites the laws of physics.

Indie Royale's Winter Bundle keeps you warm with Greed Corp, Bit Trip Runner, and others

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While other bundles go off chasing publishers, Indie Royale remains, as the name implies, decidedly indie. This time they're celebrating the impending long, cold nights of winter with retro rainbows and the harsh, uncaring philosophy of hard capitalism. No, I don't see the connection either.

Indie Royale Halloween bundle offers low-cost scares, giant octopus

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Halloween is almost upon us. There's no escaping it, so instead of being scared by ghosts, werewolves and random octopus attacks outside you might as well savour the terror of the year's spookiest season from the comfort of your own PC.

The Indie Royale Halloween bundle is here to help you achieve that at minimum expense. If you like your fear slow and strange, Ice Pick Lodge's Pathalogic is probably worth the current asking price of £3.28 for the entire bundle. You'll also get the entire season of Telltale's Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse, pixelly murder mystery, Home, amusing wizard/werewolf zap/eat-'em-up Macguffin's Curse and top down hack-fest, EvilQuest, starring a dark knight and the giant octopus in the picture above.

Indie Royale All Charity Lightning Pack raises $25k for charity

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We recently highlighted the Indie Royale All Charity Lightning Pack, a charity bundle made up of Osmos, BUTTON, The Shivah and Blueberry Garden. All of the proceeds were divvied up between a collection of charities hand-picked by the developers. Gamasutra announce that $25,529.68 (after credit card and Paypal fees) has been raised for Amnesty International, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, act!onaid and Unicef, some donated as much as $200 to the bundle.

A nice bit of news there. According to the site, 4571 people bought bundles, and Indiegames and Desura waived their typical fees to deliver the games to buyers gratis. The Graduation Bundle is due to arrive in a week, keep an eye on the Indie Royale site for details on what that'll contain.

Indie Royale All Charity Lightning Pack is live, £10k already raised for charity

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Adding the word "lightning" to things tends to make them instantly exciting, and adding the word "charity" makes them nice, so the Indie Royale team have hit on a good thing with their "All Charity Lightning Pack." It'll let you pay a small amount for a bundle that includes floaty gobble 'em up, Osmos, violent but awesome party game, BUTTON, Rabbi-tastic adventure The Shivah and the surreal, serene explorathon that is Blueberry Garden.

ALL profits are divided between four charities, including Amnesty International, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, act!onaid and Unicef. The minimum price for the pack fluctuates. If more buyers pay over the required minimum, the price will drop. Otherwise, it'll rise gradually. Right now it's set at a pleasantly low £2.57 and the total donations figure just ticked over the ten thousand mark. WELL DONE EVERYONE. The deal will close in 79 hours at the time of writing.

May Hurray Indie Royale bundle may be good

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Unlike A MAJOR PUBLISHER, the Indie Royale guys actually know what the word "indie" means. Their latest colon-tastic bundle includes Dungeon Defenders, Containment: The Zombie Puzzler, Data Jammers: FastForward, Brainpipe - A Plunge to Unhumanity and Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space. You also get a few extras: Dr. Blob's Organism, and the VooDoo Interface and Temporal Logic Grid Blues OSTs.

Games are provided in their Steam and Desura forms, apart from Weird Worlds which isn't on Steam, weirdly. The current price stands at £3.14, but you can pay more than £4.32 to get Starscream's album Future, Towards the Edge of Forever.

Indie Royale's St. Patrick's Day Bundle headlined by Hard Reset, on sale now

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Indie game bundle bundler Indie Royale (five times fast, go!) is now selling its St. Patrick's Day Bundle. The biggie on the roster is Flying Wild Hog's cyberpunk shooter Hard Reset, which is available as a Steam key, Desura key, and DRM-free download. The bundle's current price is $4.58 (roughly £2.91), but it'll increase with each minimum-rate purchase, and decrease whenever someone pays above the minimum. Hard Reset alone is currently $20/£13 Steam.

Indie Royale New Year's Bundle goes live, includes Nuclear Dawn, Fractal and more

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The Indie Royale New Year's Bundle was announced coyly earlier this week. You could pre-order it without knowing what the four games included were. The deal has now gone live, lifting the veil on FPS/RTS hybrid, Nuclear Dawn, Max & The Magic Marker, a puzzle platformer in which you can draw objects into existence, lovely musical puzzler, Fractal and mad arcade shooter, Super Crossfire. You can pay what you want above the current asking price of £2.66 for all four games.

Because this is an Indie Royale bundle, the price will change every few seconds depending on the amount of money each buyer puts up for the pack. The handy graph on the Indie Royale front page shows that it's been slowly increasing in price since it went live yesterday, so you might want to snap it up quickly. Here are trailers of the four games, to give you an idea of what they're like before buying. The bundle will close in four days, six hours and counting.

Mystery Indie Royale New Year's Bundle available to pre-order now

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Being able to see the thing you're buying before buying the thing is an important part of buying things, but if you really enjoy being surprised, the Indie Royale New Year's Bundle is available to pre-order now. It will include four unknown games including an "innovative single-player puzzle game," an "award-winning 2D platformer," a "world premiere on PC/Mac for an acclaimed arcade shooter with a twist" and a "premium blend of FPS and RTS."

Indie Royale Xmas bundle launches, now with more dinosaurs

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Everyone and their dog-eardrum-bursting grocery store holiday music may be taking on a seasonal theme right now, but I think it's fair to say that every season is indie bundle season. Case in point: The Indie Royale Xmas Bundle is the 46752th indie bundle I've reported on—or somewhere thereabouts. Not that I'm complaining, mind you. Four excellent indies for (as of now) four bucks? If that's somehow upsetting, you may just be the unholy offspring of Ebenzer Scrooge and the Grinch.

Currently, the bundle's offering Dino D-Day, Eets, The Oil Blue, and The Blackwell Trilogy: Remastered. As per usual with Indie Royale, the price fluctuates depending on whether you beat the minimum or pinch your pennies so tightly that Abraham Lincoln angrily asks just what the hell your problem is. As such, it's a good idea to make your purchase ASAP, as the price is almost certain to increase.

Gemini Rue woos Steam

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We were utterly impressed with 16-bit-style point-and-clicker Gemini Rue, which combines a beautifully scummy atmosphere with proper adult sci-fi storytelling. It’s already shown up in the Indie Royale bundle, but it’s also been added to Steam’s growing catalogue of point and click adventure titles. The Steam version adds a couple of new features - cloud saving, and 15 in-game achievements.

Indie Royale offering majestic indie game deals

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This is a website that is going to get your wallet into trouble. But not too much trouble, and that's the genius of it. is currently offering an indie bundle that includes ARES, Gemini Rue (easily worth the price of 10 of these bundles), Sanctum (a great tower-defense FPS), and Nimbus.