Metrocide video walks through its top-down cyberpunk assassination

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Flat Earth Games' Metrocide is a top-down, stealthy, arcade, cyberpunk, assassination game, and great now I have to order another pack of commas. The first trailer made my eyebrows raise almost up to my hairline, and they still haven't returned to their resting position, so thanks a lot, Flat Earth, for that. Now the devs have released a video walkthrough, walking us through a few assassinations in the game's first metropolitan area. Fans of Hitman, Gunpoint, or the birdseye-view of the original Grand Theft Autos are going to want to stick around.

Battlefield 4's enormous Fall Patch now live

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DICE's spelling of the word 'Autumn' continues to confound me, but I can get behind their ginormo 'Fall' patch for Battlefield 4, which adds a new sub-game mode and and tweaks a bunch of things the community wanted tweaked. It's a big patch, in both senses of the word, being a not-inconsiderable 1.16GB download on PC. The update's live on Origin now, and while there are no patch notes available yet [Update: here they are], we kinda already know most of what it contains.

The Evil Within Trailer reminds us that bullets count

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The world is getting another Shinji Mikami horror game in just a few weeks' time, and I have every crossable limb entwined that it lives up to the great man's legacy. I know that Andy was impressed by The Evil Within, and that I won't be able to play it on PC, and thanks to a new trailer and blog post I now know how to survive it without being made into mincemeat.

F.E.A.R. Online open beta precedes full launch on Steam in October

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In many ways, F.E.A.R. is very much like Highlander: I loved the original and remain a fan even though it's well beyond its "best before" date, and I try not to think too much about everything that's come after it. Now, with the announcement that F.E.A.R. Online is just a few weeks out, I once again find myself stretching the simile to ask if there really can only be one.

Interactive Cave Shooting Simulator brings (part of) the Destiny experience to PC

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A lot of fuss has been made about the Destiny loot cave. The exploit involved players shooting endlessly into a distant cave in order to grind for rare items. Before Bungie patched it up earlier this week, it came to represent the lengths players will go to in order to subvert Destiny's notoriously stingy loot system.

Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 'Legends of the Lawn' update goes live tomorrow

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If you've been enjoying the simple pleasures of foilage-versus-undead rivalry then you'll be pleased to know that Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare is getting an update this week. The free update brings seven new character variants, five 'spawnable' characters, a new game mode and more than 200 customisation items.

World of Warcraft is "hard to watch" as an e-sport, Blizzard says

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E-sports are all the rage these days, but while Hearthstone draws big audiences in North America and Europe, World of Warcraft, despite being a hugely successful MMO, struggles to draw anyone. The reason for that is simple enough: It was developed in an era in which the needs of e-sports spectators weren't a concern. So now Blizzard is trying to come up with ways to make it relevant to an audience more interested in watching than playing.

X Rebirth 3.0 and Teladi Outpost expansion coming in December

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You know a videogame is in rough shape when its developer actually apologizes for the state it was in at launch. But while some studios might have opted to bury such a poorly-reviewed game and move on (or, more likely, would have been forced to close its doors) Egosoft seems determined to make X Rebirth work.

Dragon Age: Inquisition stream shows off absurdly detailed character creation

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The first character creation screen I can recall spending any significant amount of time with was the one in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. Building the perfect Bosmer was a novel and exciting experience, even though nobody but me ever actually laid eyes on the poor fellow. But a decade later, with Dragon Age: Inquisition just a couple months away, it all looks positively quaint.

This insane round reminded me why Counter-Strike is wonderful

Evan Lahti at

Evan writes about FPSes every Monday in Shooterology.

There was a round of CS:GO during last Friday’s Dreamhack Invitational matches that I found really inspiring. I’ve recorded some commentary over it at 25% playback speed in a video.

Square Enix moves into MOBAs with Lord of Vermillion Arena

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Square Enix is getting ready to leap into the MOBA milieu with Lord of Vermillion Arena, a two-player PvP throwdown based on a collectible card game that is, as the saying goes, big in Japan.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor trailer details upcoming DLC, including Sauron mission and "legendary" monsters

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Sauron was a bit of a wrong'un if you ask me, so I'm grateful for games that let me take him on with some glimmering, fancily named elf sword. EA's The Two Towers game opened with an impressive fight against the Lord of the Rings, as did the recent, joyous Lego version. I was starting to think that Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor would be one of the few not to let you stab Sauron in his necromantic face, but I'm happy to be proven wrong with this new trailer. Shadow of Mordor has been given, groan etc, a season pass, and the things it contains have been detailed in the following video. Perhaps the most interesting Thing is a new mission that lets you "play as Celebrimbor, the great Elven king of the Second Age, and face Sauron and the might of his forces".

Online crafting RPG Trove enters closed beta

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If you were worried that voxels might be going out of fashion, then a) what's wrong with you, and b) don't panic, because voxel-based RPG/crafting game Trove has arrived. Well, OK, it hasn't quite arrived yet, but after its announcement late last year, a wild closed beta has appeared. A nice new trailer features all the dragons, football, futuristic racing and flying carpets you were probably expecting.

Cosmochoria: a space gardening shooter hitting Early Access today

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I blame Droqen and Starseed Pilgrim for the recent spate of indie space gardening games, and by 'blame' I of course mean 'celebrate profusely', because indie space gardening games are great. On the weekend I banged on about the aptly named Space Gardener, and today I'm going to tell you about the lovely Cosmochoria, which hits Steam Early Access today. I just need to...plant this thing and...shoot these aliens...hang on.

Substream offers rhythmic, looped space aerial combat; is now on Kickstarter

Phil Savage at

Space has looped in on itself. This could have been a maddening nightmare of minutia: if it happened to me, now, it would result in an unending recursion of empty coffee cups and foam Darwinians. Luckily, in Substream, there are guns, morphing environments and weird, alien spacecraft. It's an on-rails aerial shooter, (like Starfox, or Rez,) but instead of one ship against many, the space-loop causes infinite copies to co-operate in a rhythmic battle across a variety of levels.

Don't worry, there's a trailer to shows how this works.

FIFA 15 bans Luis Suarez, just like in real life

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Zombie apocalypse patient zero, and presumably quite-good footballer, Luis Suarez has been banned from playing football, touching a football, or even thinking about football until October 26th, for the paltry crime of biting another human during a match. As reported by Eurogamer, it turns out this ban extends to the virtual realm of FIFA 15 too. Hungry, hungry Suarez is in the game, but players won't be able to select him in certain modes until the ban is over. Try, and you'll receive an in-game email informing you that Suarez is unavailable until the 26th.

Battlefield Hardline is "gonna work" at launch

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Battlefield 4 might have released with all the structural integrity of a beached manatee carcass, but the same thing won't happen with Battlefield Hardline, according to Visceral Games' Ian Milham. Speaking to GameRevolution, Hardline's creative director said that Visceral "take shipping a working game pretty seriously. So, yes, the game will work". That this even needs saying is a little depressing, but it's an encouraging statement nonetheless.

Payday 2's Hotline Miami DLC detailed; expect animal masks and new weapons

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In case you'd forgotten, or you'd assumed it was some kind of dream: Payday 2 is getting some Hotline Miami-themed DLC. The live-action trailer didn't tell us much other than the date, but now we have a few more details ahead of tomorrow's release. $6.99/£4.99 will get you some new weapons, some animal-themed masks, and will put you on the trail of a Russian mobster known as The Commissar.

What's a good 'non-casual' PC game for my dad? — Ask PC Gamer

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Ask PC Gamer is our weekly advice column. Have a burning question about the smoke coming out of your PC? Send your problems to

I'm trying to find some games my retired dad might enjoy. He's not really a gamer... all he plays right now are games on his phone, and I guess he could play casual games on PC, but I wanted to show him there's more than simple puzzle stuff (he likes Threes) without overwhelming him. He has a pretty decent desktop I got him a couple years ago. Any recommendations? — J.M.

Windows 9 will be free to Windows 8 owners, according to report

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The rumour has circulated for a while, but it looks like Windows 9 will be made available free to owners of Windows 8. That's according to Indonesian news site, which has published a statement by Microsoft Indonesia's Andreas Diantoro seemingly confirming the news. According to a Google translation of the article, Diantoro said Windows 8 will "update automatically" to the new edition of the operating system when it releases.