More Witcher 3 details emerge: over 100 hours of content, jumping, boats, and more

The Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt brings several new and interesting features beyond its beautifully bleak landscape . A thread on the World of Players RPG community (via OXM ) collects the highlights of a pair of previews from German magazines PC Games and Gamestar, including the addition of Fallout-style location-based damage and a staggering number of quests.

Check out some of the more notable features below:

  • Geralt can steer boats and ride horses to reach his destination. He can tame wild versions of the latter with his Axii spell, but you can also purchase mounts from various stables.

  • The monster-slayer apparently hit the gym after The Witcher 2 wrapped up, as he now adds climbing and jumping to his movement abilities.

  • Three primary areas make up The Witcher 3's explorable land, and their entirety is available to you from the very start.
  • Your actions and choices can trigger 36 different states for the world along with three possible endings. Some Witcher 2 choices affect your story as well, though it isn't clear which of the second game's endings constitute canon.

  • You'll be able to hunt various critters and sell their fur and meat for gold. Let's hope you won't need to create and heft around dozens of crafted bags.
  • The main story missions take around 50 hours to complete, and side-quests take an equal amount of time. For completionists, you're looking at over 100 hours of Witchering.

  • Sorry, sociopaths—Geralt won't lift a finger against innocent civilians no matter how hard you mash your attack key.

  • Area transitions are all seamless.

  • You can direct Geralt's strikes to hit individual body parts of a foe a la Fallout's VATS system. Finally, you can now execute the ancient "nut-stab" maneuver passed down from Witchers of old.
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