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Receiver available for free from Humble until 6PM BST

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The free game klaxon is sounding. Should you answer its call within the next seven hours, you'll get a free copy of Wolfire's Receiver. It's a procedurally generated cyberpunk gun sim—modelling a weapon's every available interaction. It's good, and you can get it for nothing from the Humble Store.

Overgrowth alpha update brings duelling dogs, bigger bones

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Move over Luigi, because there's a pretty good case to be made for 2013 being known as the Year of the Video Games Dog. It's not that games are being crammed full of canines, but they are pervading all levels of the industry. At one end of the spectrum is the unwieldy AAA beast Call of Duty: Ghosts, which has a dog. At the other end, there's the thoroughly indie rabbit brawler Overgrowth, which now also has a dog.

Overgrowth gets dialogue editor, is still mostly about violence

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I was recently linked a video of Overgrowth's 201 Alpha, which showed some incredibly impactful spear based violence. Unfortunately, it was released in September - which is so long ago, I might as well have been alerting everyone to the existence of this exciting new game called Chess. Fortunately, a new build has just been released, providing both a new dialogue editor, and an excuse for me to talk about rabbits beating the snot out of each other.

Receiver now on Steam - realistic gun sim in a cyberpunk world

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Guns, hey? Ridiculously simple to operate, I've always thought. Just hold down the left mouse button for a unstoppable spray of bullets, laser beams, plasma, or physics. So why Receiver feels the need to complicate things is a mystery. Supposedly Wolfire's shooter - originally created for the 7-day FPS Challenge, and now available through Steam - attempts to map each function of a handgun to make it closer resemble real life. Wait, WHAT?! You mean to tell me that guns aren't fictional? Even the BFG? Why would anybody build that?

Low Light Combat: a multiplayer stealth FPS from the creator of Overgrowth

Omri Petitte at

The five-man team at Wolfire Games isn't just known for update videos of a game where rabbits and wolves punch and slice each other. The indie studio participated in the recently wrapped Mojam charity gamesmithing competition, and as part of a randomized theme involving "endless nuclear war," Wolfire debuted Low Light Combat, a multiplayer FPS of shadow and snow.

Mojam comes to an end - get nine new games from Mojang and friends

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Mojang's Mojam, the charity game making competition, has come to an end. Teams had three days to make a game themed around a choice of words from a list including Nuclear, French, Endless, War, Kittens, Spaceship and Pizza. As a result, a game called Nuclear Pizza War now exists. Still, at least we've avoided Endless Kitten Pizza. That would just be bleak.

Desperate Gods: free online boardgame from the creators of Overgrowth and the Humble Bundle

Tom Senior at

Board and card games have enjoyed a bit of a virtual renaissance in recent years. They've found a new home on tablets where the touch interface can replicate some of the tactile pleasure of moving pieces and cards around a board. Wolfire Games have dreamed up one of their own, and built an online board that lets players join and throw cards at each other in real-time. It's called Desperate Gods. It's a bit like Diablo in board game form. The corner square normally reserved for GO in monopoly represents the town, where new items can be purchased. The rest of the board represents a wilderness zone, and a dungeon with three increasingly deadly depths. See how it all works in the introductory trailer below.

Overgrowth alpha update video shows adaptive AI dumbed down for puny mortal minds

Omri Petitte at

Getting bested by bots always grinds the gears, but it's especially frustrating when the computer's shell of choice is a knife-wielding, anthropomorphic rabbit with a kick powerful enough to send you flying like a dazed potato sack. Of course, you'll eventually win by sheer brainpower, but that's why Overgrowth developer Wolfire Games implemented an adaptive learning curve for the AI opponents in its upcoming fur-and-fists fighter.

Overgrowth: never before has a wolf kicked a rabbit so hard in the face

Tom Francis at

The lovely chaps at Wolfire are making a game about humanoid animals battering each other. It's called Overgrowth, and while it's still not totally clear what kind of game it's going to be, the videos they've been posting of their progress are getting more and more exciting.

Despite being a tiny indie studio, they've built an incredibly tactile and convincing physics-driven animation system for combat. In other words, things hit each other really hard, and it doesn't look dumb, wrong or fake. They've just added the ability to assign enemies to teams and make them fight each other, so the latest vid shows some brilliant rabbit v. wolf gang violence.